Is This Thurber a Fake?

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Well, yeah, it sure is. The cartoon is from a 1954 issue of Punch devoted to satirizing The New Yorker. For me, the giveaways are the overly straight line from the lady’s elbow to scalp and the overly definite shape to her nose. And “disinterestedness”? Maybe that’s British satire of American diction. Still, the piece is a nice effort. Wish the book said who did it.

© 1955 by Bradbury, Agnew & Company, Ltd.

But, face it, all people really want to see is Dada. We got some, so knock yourself out, pal:

The piece is by Hannah Höch and carries the rambunctious title “Cut with a Kitchen Knife Through the Last Great Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch of Germany.” It’s dated 1919–20, but was the phrase “Weimar Germany” in use at such an early date?

The collage and the above info come from Postcards: Ephemeral Histories of Modernity, edited by David Prochaska and Jordana Mendelson. The book also blows up the collage’s upper right-hand corner, like so:

You gotta laugh! He: You know what the problem with you is? She: Yes, I answer stupid questions!

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