Mean Chicks

Posted by on November 12th, 2010 at 9:12 AM

More rampaging women of the Golden Age, this time the crime comics division. (Some jungle covers here and s.f. covers here.)

As always, info where available is from the archives of Heritage Auction Galleries.

To lead off, Crimes by Women #1 from 1947. Heritage says, “This is from probably the finest time period of Fox comics, during the height of the ‘good girl’ art craze of the late ’40s.” I sense that the term “good girl” is being stretched here, as is the term “finest.”

That’s some messed-up punctuation in the word balloon. The comma is where the ellipsis should be, and vice versa. Presumably this is so “crumb” can be extra-large.

All right, now Crimes by Women #14 from 1950.

Finally, a much-sought collectors item that was published as a one-off in 1951. The collectors love it because they love camp and cheese cake — not a preference combo one would expect, but there it is.

Per Heritage, the cover features “Canadian ice skating star Marty Collins.” Was she actually a star ice skater or just an ice skater? Google indicates the latter. But she does look Canadian.

Daily proverb. To teach, you have to care whether people learn.

Stan says. Only Maniacal Marvel would have the nerve to bring you FOOM! … But we’re still too chicken to tell ya what it means!

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