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My friend and colleague Noah Berlatsky has often written about the bizarre sexual politics of the original Wonder Woman and her creator, the (thank God) unique William Moulton Marston. I reckon that these covers for Planet Comics occupy neighboring territory and so I offer them for viewing.

What was it in the 1940s that a major superhero series and the covers of a space-opera adventure series would feature helpless men and butch women? I don’t know, and Wikipedia doesn’t even say who edited Planet. But Heritage’s archives and Google Image indicate that useless male chumps were only a sometime feature of the title’s covers. You’ll find a lot of girls, of course, and often enough they’re firing ray guns or otherwise asserting themselves. But the boy languishers are not frequent. (For some similar fellows on the cover of Fiction House’s Jumbo Comics, click here.)

No word on cover artists from Heritage. Sorry about that.

Anyway, another look at the prize of the bunch, a man who has gone all the way into damsel status. The issue is dated January 1947, so I guess it came out in 1946.

Next, from the July 1947 issue, a very menacing gal with gun and a man’s terrified face in the foreground. The fellow is not at all a damsel; he looks like any sci-fi endangered bystander when a monster is on hand. The switch is just that the monster is a hot chick.

Finally, from the May 1948 issue we have a demi-damsel. He’s in the spot where you would normally find a chick; but unlike the traditional chick-about-to-be-rescued, the guy is scrapping, hopeless as his attempts may be. I suppose his situation resembles that of the girl in an ’80s action film that wants to throw a bone to post-feminism.

Daily proverb. Nobody wins a bum fight but the guy who threw the dime.

Stan says. Here comes – The Serpent Squad! The Cobra, the Viper – and the Eel Make Three!

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2 Responses to “Noah, Hope You Like This”

  1. Noah Berlatsky says:

    Aww. I’m touched. Thanks Tom!

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