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Posted by on October 13th, 2010 at 9:12 AM

Something disturbing but well done that I borrowed from the book Fantasy Postcards by William Ouellette:

The title is “Cigarette Girl,” the info runs as follows: “tinted photograph, fifth of a series.” Now, from an entirely different page of the same book, a card that’s cheesy but gets its point across:

It’s tagged with the following information: “chromolitho; Germany; post-1905.” Question: Where are the other two girls? Answer: Never mind, it’s better not to know … Anyway, I reckon the case here is that a new title was slapped on by whoever published the card outside Germany.

To wind up, another card that’s rather disturbing:

It’s called “A Rake” and is tagged this way: “photograph. Germany, P.F.B., circa 1910,” with P.F.B. being the publisher.

The idea of the hardened sensualist seems more European than American. I mean the idea, seen here, of the aging man who is considered a bit brutal because he indulges himself in young chicks. Contrast this fellow with the sugar daddies in old Playboy cartoons. They were always rounded, plaintive types who came trotting up with mink and jewelry.

Daily proverb. Rain today, sun tomorrow, but either way the ground always shows up.

Stan says. Conan the Barbarian faces the unconquerable Unos the Uncanny in issue #51!

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