That Kid Is No Good

Posted by on September 3rd, 2010 at 9:12 AM

Seymour, the little guy who exemplified the downtrodden child here, shows his other side in this strip. He’s a dick and he kicks up a ruckus for no good reason. To tell the truth, the strip isn’t all that good. It’s built around an outburst without motivation, and the outburst is carried out by means of sloppy staging. Check out the next-to-last panel: the way it’s drawn, it looks like the kid somehow managed to introduce himself between table and tablecloth and then stand up. What the . . . ?

On the other hand, the strip reads very much as if it were funny. It doesn’t limp, it bounces. After the end, a few seconds pass before you realize the thing was a fizzle. Feiffer was 21 and had some learning to do, but his footwork could make dud material almost pass muster.

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