Three by Don Ivan Punchatz

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The first two illustrations are from Playboy‘s January 1972 issue, the third from its October 1971 issue. We start with a dystopian future, then move on to Arthur C. Clarke speaking for technology and G. Gordon Liddy speaking for botany and scenic views. No, wait, that last fellow is the unsavory Alan Watts representing spirituality. Back then Playboy would hash out the big issues by means of full-page illos and well-known bylines, a habit I think it has since dropped.

You all know Don Ivan Punchatz (1936-2009). Per Wiki, he designed the logo and box art for the video game Doom.

© 1971 Playboy

© 1971 Playboy

© 1971 Playboy

Daily proverb. Look ahead, see your back.

Stan says. The fury of the flame tower is unleashed – in Conan #34!

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