Two by Brad Holland

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From the late 1960s until at least the 1980s, Playboy ran a monthly feature called “Ribald Classics.” These were old-time sexy tales rewritten by a cultivated Hefner pal. They were short but heavy going, and I don’t think I ever read more than one or two. The illustrations were done by Brad Holland, who approached his subjects in the same freewheeling way that made the New York Times op-ed page such a zone of bemusement during the 1970s. (And in fact Wiki notes that he began drawing for the op-ed page in 1972.) Here we have the illustrations that ran with January 1972 “Ribald Classic,” which was about … damned if I know. Apparently the story involved a man and a woman, and possibly they had various unusual attachments and accessories.

© 1971 Playboy

© 1971 Playboy

Daily proverb. Man, girl, butterfly — trouble!

Stan says. The macabre Man-Thing –- now in his own mag!

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