Four by Paul Hogarth

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The illustrations below accompanied a travel piece about San Clemente, California. Nixon was president back then and San Clemente was where he had the Western White House. You’ll note that one of the illustrations is of a country club and that the cop (last illo) is writing up a pair of hippies.

Per Wiki, Paul Hogarth (1917-2001) received the Order of the British Empire. Travel illustration was a specialty of his, but he also did the covers for works by authors including Robert Graves, John Wyndham and Graham Greene.

© 1971 Playboy

© 1971 Playboy

© 1971 Playboy

Daily proverb. If Nixon likes it, it sucks.

Stan says. At last! Spider-Man meets the Uncanny Inhumans –- in Marvel Team-Up #11!

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