Rolf Heimann on Ginger Meggs

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Australia’s favourite comic character to be minted into a coin

Since its creation by Jimmy Bancks in 1921, the Australian strip Ginger Meggs has been drawn by a number of artists, presently by Jason Chatfield from Melbourne. Each artist drew the cheeky red-haired boy differently, yet he always remained recognizable.


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Ginger Meggs now appears in over 127 newspapers around Australia and the world. Apart from Australia, you can now read Meggs in Fiji, the USA, Antigua, Barbados, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, India, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Canada, Brunei, Sweden, the Netherlands, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica and Thailand.

Chatfield, by far the youngest artist to take on guiding the national icon, was born in 1984; the year James Kemsley (the previous artist) started drawing Ginger. The two had barely started discussing what needed to be done when Kemsley died. It was a task made doubly hard given they were on opposite sides of the Australian continent and Kemsley was struggling with his health.

Ginger Meggs has been turned into popular films, and is presently made into another animated feature — as well as into a musical. Ginger has appeared on Australian postage stamps and countless other items.

But possibly a first among cartoon characters, he will soon appear on a coin being minted in Australia!


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