Comiquiz – The Nordic Comics Competition

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There is, in the Nordic countries a phenomenon which is, as far as I know, unique in the world: Comiquiz. This is a competition in the knowledge of comics which is held every year. What makes it unique is that it has participants from several different countries (usually there are competing teams from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) and that the competition has been held (almost) every year since 1985.

A cover to the questionnaire from 1992, with art by the Swede Kalle Fors. The object here was to identify all the characters which had lent attribute to the two characters.

The competition has its roots in Norway, and the first year the competing teams were all from Norway. When news got out into the rest of Scandinavia, teams from other countries were registered and soon it turned into an all-out Scandinavian competition. The participants are teams, and you can compete wherever you want to be, using as much resources as you want. The questions are always too many for you to be able to look up all the answers, so a certain amount of knowledge is required to be able to answer quickly and know where to look for facts.

A cover to the questionnaire from 1998. Here, the object was to identify supporting characters from the comic Lucky Luke.

In this day and age of total access through the Internet, the questionnaire is still sent as a printed document, with instructions on when they are to be opened and when the answers are to be delivered through phoning a certain telephone number. The questions, though, have been adjusted so as to not be answerable by an easy Google search, and are often based on images which are to be identified and facts to be given on things such as original publication, writer, artists, name of series, character and so on.

A back-cover to a questionaire, where the object was to identify changes made to the classic back-cover of the Asterix albums.

The latest Comiquiz, the 25:th version, was held recently, with a team from Stockholm being the organizers. Oh, and yes the team which I was part of did win, so next year it’s up to us to create all those really hard questions…

For more info on the competition (in Swedish) see the entry in Seriewkikin. (the Swedish specilized encyclopedia on comics). Thanks to Claes Reimerthi for safe-keeping all the questionaires and skanning the covers shown above.

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