Garo, 1992

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This next story has a distinct Gary Panter/King Terry feel to it. Here’s the title page and the last page of the strip:



Your guess is as good as mine on this next one. Here’s the title page and first page:



The following piece is an illustrated story by Toshico Tsuchihashi. Again, title page and first page of the actual piece:



Our next excerpt is from “Rose-Colored Gang” by MasakazuToma, and it’s possible that you might have seen his work before: One of his stories was translated into English for the now out-of-print collection Comics Underground Japan. “Rose-Colored Gang” involves three criminals who rob a local grocer — well, two of them do, anyway. The other one just stands there, looking hungrily at the food on display while the others get away with their loot. The neighborhood locals grab the remaining guy and lock him in a storage room until the police can show up to take him away. Looking out the barred window, our hapless protagonist sees his compatriots in the alley outside, cooking their ill-gotten food over a fire…



The next set of excerpts is from “Torikago” (Birdcage) by the brother/sister team working as Nishioka Kyohdai, whom TCJ columnist Bill Randall has described as “the Renée Frenches of Japan.” It’s a lovely little story that can (mostly) be followed visually, so I’m doing something different here, and excerpting panels and sequences from throughout the comic, to give you a more general idea of how it goes:



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  2. erinfinnegan says:

    There’s a Garo gallery show going on right now in New York City.

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