Garo, 1992

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This next one has a Steven Weissman feel to it, doesn’t it? Title page, first page of story:



Medieval-era drama, title page and a page from mid-story:



The first page from a lovely two-pager:



This next one’s a ten-page story, but you really don’t need to see more than the first one to get the idea. It’s like Drew Friedman inking S. Clay Wilson:



Here is the second of two inter-related two-pagers:



Four pages of gag strips follow that. Here’s the first page:



The first two pages from a really cute eight-page story:



Next up is the first of seven pages of gag strips:



In the next story, a disaffected teenager returns home from a humiliating day at school to find a blues musician in his home. Title page and a page from mid-story:



We’re toward the back of the magazine now. Next up is an interview with (I believe) a classic Garo cartoonist’s widow and one of the cartoonist’s strips — here’s the first page of the interview (click for larger version in new window), and the title page and first story page of the strip:



After that, it’s pretty much all ads and text pages — essays, a few reviews from the looks of it. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a manga anthology without three pages of reader art, and Garo is no exception. Here’s the first page:



And that’s what the ninth issue (1992 edition) of Garo Magazine looks like.


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    There’s a Garo gallery show going on right now in New York City.

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