Saluti dall’Italia (“Greetings from Italy”)

Posted by on July 16th, 2010 at 3:00 PM

Welcome. To you on these weblog pages, and to me to the The Comics Journal website.

I am an absolute beginner in the world of blogs. Never had one. When Michael Dean asked me to join the TCJ’s bloggers crew, I gladly accepted. It was an honour, for me, that I was contacted thanks to Prof. John A. Lent, who said to the TCJ‘’s managing director that I was probably a valuable Italian correspondent in the field of the local comics culture.

Some notes about me are in my blogger’s profile. I write as an Italian sociologist and a comics scholar, but my geographical position is not always Italy. Actually, I currently live in Cologne, Germany (though I often travel to Italy), and of course the Italian scene of comics and of its comics culture is always under my eyes. That’s why in this little blog of TCJ I will try to tell you something about fumetti (“comics,” in Italian) and about how fumetti are perceived, created, sold and bought, in the so-called Belpaese (“Beautiful country”; so-called, above all, by the Italians themselves, I guess).

You, kind readers, will have a task, too. Maybe two. The first is to accept my not-so-perfect-English (I sometimes use euphemisms). The second is to take note of some Italian words related to the world of comics. The first, is, precisely, “fumetti” (plural) and “fumetto” (singular). The singular form can be used to describe a single comics story or publication, and the language / expressive form in itself.

Ok, ladies and gentlemen. This was just a (I hope, polite) “warning.” In the next posts I will try to put into this blog some real contents on Italian comics and comics culture…

Marco Pellitteri

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