Colombian Homages to Harvey Pekar

Posted by on January 28th, 2011 at 9:10 AM

Thanks in great part to the film American Splendor, Harvey Pekar has became something of an international superstar, with admirers all around the globe, including Colombia.

In a round-up of Colombian comics in 2010, comic artist and journalist Pablo Guerra reports a strong response to Pekar´s death in the country.  Guerra especially notes the Colombian comic magazine Larva´s Pekar edition.

In addition, Guerra made his own Pekaresque comic of his meeting with the comic artist.  Drawn by Camilo Sánchez, ¨Una charla con Harvey Pekar,¨ provides an interesting glimpse of Pekar lecturing at Brown University, not long before his death.  It also works as an artistic homage to the late master of autobiography.

You can read the comic in its entirety at El Globoscopio.

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5 Responses to “Colombian Homages to Harvey Pekar”

  1. elamigolucho says:

    Harvey Pekar was very influential to many Colombian comics creators and his death was heart felt. I managed to get a two page-spread article in the Sunday edition of one of the two biggest national newspapers when he passed away. Also, the Larva homage was produced with great effort and joy. I was happy to be part of it along side artists like Truchafrita, Joni b, Luto, Inu, Ernan Cirianni (Argentina), David Galliquio (Peru), among others. It was released in November as part of Entreviñetas 2010, the first (alternative) comics festival in Colombia held in the city of Armenia.

    Thank you for noticing and sharing the information,
    Pablo Guerra

    ps. Just to be clear, Camilo Sánchez is the illustrator and I, Pablo, did the script for “Un charla con Harvey Pekar”.
    pps. Other great Colombian comic artists are Andrezzinho, Power Paola, Federico Neira and John Joven.

  2. danieljq says:

    Here is Pablo’s article in the Sunday edition of El Espectador:

    Likewise, the special issue of “Larva” magazine in homage to Harvey Pekar includes, besides the Latinamerican authors listed by Pablo, some short interviews with Ed Piskor, Dean Haspiel and Tara Seibel and, also, a comic of Mrs. Seibel, her last collaboration with the “master of autobiography”.

    The complete list of authors in “Larva Splendor”: Agustín Paillet, Wil, Luto, Pablo Guerra and Camilo Sánchez, Tara Seibel, Uilmer Fashé, Inu, Mariana Gil, Joni b, David Galliquio, Federico Reggiani, Truchafrita, Tito Contreras, Ernán Cirianni, Maucho.

    Jesse, thanks for sharing it!

    Daniel Jiménez Quiroz
    – Revista Larva

  3. Jesse Tangen-Mills says:

    Pablo, thanks for the correction.

    I did read the piece in El Espectador, but I think most readers would expect an obit. I think what´s interesting here is that in both of the comics mentioned the reader can actually see the influence. Also I really liked ¨Una charla con Havery Pekar¨ and wanted to write about it.

    I am familiar with many of the comic artists you mention and hopefully will have time to cover their most recent work here in this column.


  4. elamigolucho says:

    Just want to let readers know I put together an English version of “Una charla con HP”, called “A Conversation with HP”.
    Read it: