Moebius exhibition in Paris

Posted by on February 6th, 2011 at 2:42 PM

Right now there is an impressive exhibition in Paris about the seminal French artist Moebius/Gir, or Jean Giraud as is his real name.

The exhibition is called “Transe Forme”, a play on words capturing much of what Giraud’s career has been all about, and is situated at the museum upheld by Fondation Cartier near Montparnasse in Paris. Oh, and on the image shown above of a red ink monster flowing out of his pen, which was painted on one of the window walls of the museum, Guraud is about life size so the whole image is enormous.

Inside is displayed an astaunding amount of originals, showing just how obsessed this master draftsman is, along with paintings, prints, books etc. and a new mocumentary on the supposed schizophrenia of Jean Giraud, who early on in his career adopted two pseudonyms for his two very different styles: Gir for his realistic art (Blueberry) and Moebius for his more avantgarde sci-fi style (Arzach).

All of this was interesting, even though I’ve never been a big fan of Gir/Moebius. If you are able to visit Paris before the show ends in the middle of March, I do recommend it. And don’t miss the brand new, 3-D animated short feature shown in the cinema at the museum, which is based on one of Moebius comics and really beautiful.

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