Sweden Calling!

Posted by on July 19th, 2010 at 2:20 PM

Hi there everyone!

This is my first blog post in this new format, but not nearly my first post on the net. I’ve maintained the blog Sekventiellt (that’s Swedish for Sequentially) for several years by now (at www.sekventiellt.se – go there for loads of reviews etc.), and for the last couple of years it’s been in English, since I realized that my communications on the Internet should out of respect to all my international friends and readers be in that, smallest denominator language.

“A portrait of yours truly, drawn by that German master draftsman, Martin Tom Diek.

Who am I then? Well, I’ve been working with comics since the early 1990s, writing articles, reviews and books, editing magazines about comics, starting and running a comic art school, curating exhibitions, starting a national comics Archive and a big comics centre here in Sweden and so on.

For international readers, I’m probably most well known for the English language books I’ve written. The very first one, Black Images received an Eisner nomination, for which I am still very proud (I lost to a book by Chris Ware, so I didn’t take not winning especially hard…).

Since then I’ve written a lot of books, some of them in English, like The Comics Go to Hell, Comic Art Propaganda and Swedish Comics History.

The book Comic Art Propaganda, published in the UK and the US, the latest of my published books.

If you travel to comics festivals and conferences, we might very well have met, because I am an ardent traveler. I especially like the festival in Angouleme, France, and the MoCCA festival in New York, both of which I try to visit every year. But I’ve also visited festivals like San Diego Comic Con in the US, Haarlem in Holland, Komiks.dk in Denmark, Raptus in Norway and so on. The likeliest place to find me is at a nearby pub, though, preferably one serving good (i.e. dark and full bodied) beer.

Signing the new book Images Noires (the French edition of Black Images in the Comics) at the booth for the publisher PLG in Angouleme this year. Photo by Jakob Hallin.

The last year or so I have also stepped back into the academic fold and I am right now writing my thesis, which will deal with the graphic novel Persepolis by Iranian-French Marjane Satrapi. I am also in the process of starting an academic journal with focus on the Nordic countries, arranging academic conferences on comics etc. But more on that later on.

So, here you’ll be able to read about Swedish comics, of course, but also about comics in general – from my Swedish point of view. Sweden is a rather small country, situated culturally somewhere in the middle of things. That means that I will also write about comics issues concerning the rest of Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, America, Africa, the Middle East and so on. I will furthermore make photo reportages, often on-site and in real-time, from festivals, conferences, exhibitions etc. that I visit.

Another brand new book by yours truly: Swedish Comics History — retelling the history of Swedish comics in less than 120 image packed pages.

Well, that’s about it – as a start. Oh yeah, I’m interested in communicating with everyone and anyone who’s into comics, professionally or just for fun, so if you like, please connect with me on Facebook – my preferred way of communication. You’ll find my profile at www.facebook.com/fredrik.stromberg.

Cheers everyone!

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6 Responses to “Sweden Calling!”

  1. Matthias Wivel says:

    Welcome Fredrik, it’s good to see you here!

  2. Is it really true that there are girls in Sweden who read comics?

    • Um, yes. And not only that but the last decade or so, the most interesting Swedish comics artists are female. This is of course also the reason for the growing number of female readers of comics. See the second to last chapter of my book Swedish Comics History for more info on this subject.

      Just read your Storeyville by the way. Great book! Thanks!

  3. Interesting, thank you!