Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF) Preview

Posted by on April 30th, 2010 at 12:05 AM

The 7th annual Toronto Comic Arts Festival will be held May 8th and 9th 2010 at the Toronto Reference Library in Toronto, Canada. Sponsored in part by the Toronto Public Libraries and comic retail giant The Beguiling, the free festival focuses particularly on the art form of comics as well as the creators, aiming to open and encourage dialogues between the creator and the community. Last year, the festival drew 10,500 attendees and 300 exhibitors from several countries and this year will likely see more. Featured guests include Jeff Lemire, James Sturm, Dash Shaw, Jim Woodring, Paul Pope, Daniel Clowes and Charles Vess.

Box Brown:

Brown: “Everything Dies, comics featuring stories about religion, is my latest project.  I will have the first two issues at TCAF. These two issues focus on a retelling of the Biblical story of Job, stories about how the world will end (and how it began), and Heart of Stonework, a recurring story of two Buddhist monks.  I’ll also have my Xeric book Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing and These Dreams Keep Me Going These Days, a collection of my webcomic Bellen!

Adam Cadwell:

Cadwell: “I’ll have 3 collections of my autobio webcomic The Everyday, a postcard book of comics about my time at the Glastonbury Festival and a set of buttons. Plus, I have a six-page story in the new UK anthology Solipsistic Pop 2 and I’ll be debuting my next project, a comic series about slacker vampires with the working title Blood Blokes.”

Jim Munroe and Shannon Gerard:

Launching at TCAF: Sword of My Mouth with writer/creator Jim Munroe. A stand-alone story continuing on from the acclaimed graphic novel Therefore Repent!, Sword of My Mouth moves the focus from Chicago, under siege by angels with machine guns, to the urban prairie of Detroit. Folks in the D have banded together to turn land with burned-out crackhouses into farming tracts, and seem to be on a road to self-sufficiency… until Famine rides into town. Official Toronto launch party is Thursday 6 May, 7 PM and Tequila Bookworm (512 Queen West), FREE.

Hyein Lee:

Lee: “TCAF has been the festival I anticipate the most every spring. I’ve attended every TCAF, getting books signed and shaking hands with my favourite artists. As a Toronto-based cartoonist and illustrator, I’m very happy to be a first-time exhibitor this year. My comic, Three Girls, is a disturbing true story about growing up as young girls in Korea. My other comics are black comedies: tales of unrequited love and the tragedy of a starving artist.”

Matt Loux:

Matt Loux will be selling copies of his acclaimed graphic novel series Salt Water Taffy vol. 1–3, Sidescrollers and F-Stop. He will also have limited edition prints as well as buttons, original comic pages and paintings.

Patrick Kyle:

Kyle: “I’ll be bringing a new fine art catalogue entitled Wowee Zonk: Pobody’s Nurfect. It’s published by Toronto’s own Koyama Press and features work by myself, Chris Kuzma and Ginette Lapalme. In addition to our Koyama Press book, the three of us will also have a back catalogue of zines, prints and self-published comic books, including issues of our comic book anthology Wowee Zonk and the third issue of my comic book series Black Mass.”

Jordan Bursach:

Bursach: “I’ll be bringing a sixty-odd-page book of warped comics and detritus from my sketchbooks, two issues of my ongoing comic-zine Gladhand which are primarily about robots, alternate dimensions AND LOVE. And two extra special comics, the first is Louiese X Gooposexual in which a misguided young woman discovers adventure in alien hate crime, and Wow, You Draw Comics? about a young man who learns first-hand about inspiration, hard work and torture.”

David Malki:

The highly unrealistic Industrial-Revolution fan-fiction of Wondermark lurches boldly into the future with Dapper Caps & Pedal-Copters, the newest hardbound collection of comic strips from Dark Horse Books. David Malki’s silly, surreal, poignant and pointed gag strip is a pleasure for young and old, but mainly for the in-betweens. In addition to the books, David will be offering prints of favorite Wondermark strips, and will be performing his trademark Mediocre Sketches for, as always, only one dollar.

Michael Cho:

Cho: “TCAF is always my favourite show, and a highlight on my schedule. I love being able meet and hang out with the diverse range of comic fans and creators that TCAF attracts. Like last year, I’ll be sitting again with my fellow TX-Comics creators and will have a whole new batch of prints and original artwork for sale.”

Tom Daly:

Daly: “I make small hand-made comics. I search out the perfect papers for the pages, endpapers and cover of each comic or story. How the book feels in your hand is almost as important as what’s inside. Inside my books you will find: a comic about a big, dumb gladiator that fights a small lizard and loses, 20 pages about what I feel when I hug my kids, and what’s REALLY going on up in Greenland.”

David McGuire:

McGuire: “I’ll be bringing my new book, The 12 Labours of Gastrophobia. It’s the first collection of my ongoing webcomic, Gastrophobia, which chronicles the adventures of a single mom Amazon warrior named Phobia and her precocious son, Gastro. This all takes place in Ancient Greece, of course, with each chapter loosely based on one of the twelve labours of Herakles. Everyone will want at least two copies of this baby.”

KC Green:

Green: “Well, I am bringing copies of Gunshow volume one (titled Question Hound’s Puzzletorium), which collects the first chunk of strips from my webcomic Gunshow. My publisher (New Reliable Press) will also bring copies of my newer book, Horribleville volume one. That collects an older webcomic I did before Gunshow. And some minicomics collecting some short stories. One called The Ghost Ship and another titled The Crab’s Lost Love. Ghost Ship will also have a TCAF exclusive cover on it.”

Marc Ellerby:

Ellerby: “Book wise, I’ll be bringing the Rock ‘N Roll romance graphic novel series Love The Way You Love (written by Jamie S. Rich, published by Oni Press) 3 minicomics of my autobiographical webcomic Ellerbisms and the first two issues of my new comedy series Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter. I’ll also be bringing tote bags, posters and badges.”

Lizz Lunney:

Lunney: “For TCAF I have a selection of new comics—a 40-page comic called Big Cat Parade featuring all my regular characters (and many new ones too!) and two mini flip comics—Dust/Leopards in Leotards and Tubetastic/Unicorns and Werewolves. I’ll also be selling all of my old titles and the usual collection of badges, patches and postcards. I also hope to have some copies of the new issue of Solipsistic Pop—a biannual anthology designed to spotlight the best in alternative comic art from the UK! Woo!”

Jeff Lemire:

The Beguiling and award winning cartoonist Jeff Lemire will be will be premiering the first trade paperback collection of his monthly post-apocalyptic sci-fi comic book series Sweet Tooth at a special event just days before The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010! Not only will Jeff be signing and sketching for fans, advance copies of Sweet Tooth Vol.1: Out Of The Deep Woods, will be available a week before its official in-store release!  Jeff will also have limited edition hardcovers of his Eisner-nominated Essex County Trilogy.

Michel Lévesque:

Lévesque: “Le Studio coopératif Premières Lignes is a French Canadian artist collective and publisher in Gatineau, Québec. We are a group of comics artists working collaboratively in many genres and traditions to publish emerging and established French Canadian comic artists. At TCAF, we hope to establish bridges between French and English Canadian comics cultures and to show how artist collectives can create publishing opportunities and encourage stronger and supportive comics communities.”

Jordyn Bochon:

2010 being her first year at TCAF, Jordyn Bochon will be debuting several comics including work in three new anthology projects, in partnership with other TCAF attendees, and two new independent projects: Happenstance and The Chancy Romances of Finnegan Strappe. In addition to this, Day After V-day, TRI, and her collected works are in their third reprinting with added material created especially for the event. A selection of her original art and comic pages will also be available.

Hilary Leung:

Many items will be available at Hilary Leung’s TCAF table: The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear book, lotsa Ninja Cowboy Bear goodies (including The Official Regulation Ninja Cowboy Bear Ultimate Frisbee & FREE Ninja action-figures) and 1000 strangers prints!

Matt Kindt:

Kindt: “I’ll have my two new books 3 Story and Super Spy: The Lost Dossiers as well as cyanide mints and the worlds smallest mini comic in a bite-size capsule. In addition I’m doing commissions and will have original art from Super Spy and 3 Story.”

Trio Magnus (Aaron Leighton, Clayton Hanmer and Steve Wilson):

Leighton: “Trio Magnus is a collective of Toronto illustrators: Aaron Leighton, Clayton Hanmer and Steve Wilson, all of whom share a penchant for the ridiculous and a love of sketchbooks. They have been drawing, drinking and exhibiting together since 2006, and launched their debut book project, Equally Superior, in Tokyo in 2007. For TCAF 2010, they will be debuting a series of red and black silk-screened prints, along with individual personal projects.”

Koyama Press:

Koyama Press will be launching LOSE #2 by Michael DeForge, Wowee Zonk: Pobody’s Nurfect and new books from Tin Can Forest and Aaron Leighton. Also available: Trio Magnus: Equally Superior, Precious Gems by Team Macho, A Very Kraftwerk Summer by Chris Hutsul, Wunderkammer by Nick DiGenova. And new prints, zines, shirts and stickers from CTON, Diego Bergia, Keith Jones, Michael Comeau, Michael DeForge, Team Macho and Trio Magnus. See you at TCAF!

Clayton Hanmer:

Clayton (CTON) Hanmer will join his art collective pals, Aaron Leighton and Steve Wilson, known as Trio Magnus at this year’s TCAF with a ridiculous display of large-scale “sketch-canvas” fun accompanied by two-tone silk-screened prints. He will also have a couple new t-shirts and his latest Owlkids book, Not Your Typical Book About the Environment (written by Elin Kelsey) for sale among other things.

Brad Mackay:

On Saturday May 8, the best and brightest in the comics community will gather at the 2010 Doug Wright Awards to celebrate the finest, most thought-provoking comics and graphic novels produced by Canadians in 2009. The free public ceremony will be hosted by actor Peter Outerbridge and will feature a pre-event licensed reception and will be followed by signings by each of the winning cartoonists, each of whom will take home highly coveted trophies designed by Guelph, Ontario-cartoonist Seth. Where? The Bram and Bluma Appel Salon @ the 2nd floor of Toronto Reference Library (789 Yonge St.) When? 7–9 p.m., with a reception beginning @ 6 p.m.

Cecil Castellucci:

Cecil Castellucci (The Plain Janes) will be hanging out at a table with her Plain Janes buddy Jim Rugg.  She’ll have her YA novels for sale.  But most of all she’ll be talking about the Comic Book Opera she wrote, Les Aventures de Madame Merveille, which will have premiered the day before in Montreal in collaboration with ECM+ with art by Michael Cho, Cameron Stewart, Pascal Girard and Scott Hepburn and music by Andre Ristic.

Abby Denson:

Comics and music:

City Sweet Tooth:

Lulu Award-winner Abby Denson will be at TCAF with her graphic novels Tough Love: High School Confidential—a sensitive tale of a gay teen coming out in high school, and Dolltopia—her acclaimed story about dolls who, tired of being controlled by humans, start their own society.

Michael DeForge:

Michael DeForge has just released issue 2 of his series Lose, published by Koyama Press. In addition to Lose, he’ll be debuting the silkscreened zine Wet Cough. He is a 2010 Doug Wright nominee in the category of “Best Emerging Talent.”

Joshua Cotter:

Cotter: “I’ll be sitting with AdHouse promoting my ‘new’ ‘sketchbook’ ‘graphic’ ‘novel’ Driven by Lemons, and I’ll be bringing new minicomics (the March Hare project), some handmade/painted ceramic figures I’ve been working on and original art/pages along with me.  I hope to sell at least a couple minicomics because there’s a great burger place across the street from the library.”

New Reliable Press:

New Reliable Press will have advance copies of the crime anthology Acts of Violence on hand at TCAF this year, a month before it hits store shelves. Webcomic wunderkind KC Green will be there signing copies of Horribleville, Gunshow and more! Vancouver’s favorite comic artist Jason Turner will also be hanging at the booth to sign copies of True Loves vol. 1 and 2. For more information about New Reliable Press at TCAF, keep an eye on

Graham Annable:

Graham Annable is a Canadian cartoonist living in Oregon. His work can be found in both comic book and animation circles. His first published effort, Grickle, was nominated for a Harvey award in 2002 for “Best New Talent.” He has been creating comics for Hickee, Flight and his own graphic novels ever since. Currently he completed work as a story artist on the Oscar-nominated Coraline animated feature from Laika. His animation shorts can be viewed on the Grickle channel on Youtube.

Annable: “I will have my freshly released Book of Grickle from Dark Horse at TCAF this year. It’s a hardcover collection of selected stories from the out of print Grickle and Further Grickle novels. The book will also include some rare stories from minicomics and art shows I’ve done over the years. I’ll also have original art, prints, and various Hickee comics to sell at the show.”

Jeff Ellis:

Cloudscape Comics will be making the East Coast debut of Exploded View at TCAF. It’s a science fiction anthology featuring twenty-five artists, all current or former residents of Vancouver. This book showcases the broad range of talent in the comics artist community. This is the fourth publication from this group which includes established artists, underground cartoonists, web comic creators, animators, illustrators and manga artists all working together to tell meaningful, intelligent stories through the medium of comics.

Chris Hallbeck:

Chris Hallbeck is the creator of The Book of Biff, a single panel comic about spaghetti, toasters and time travel. The strip centers around a child-like mad scientist named Biff who may be part cockroach or possibly an alien. Four collected volumes will be available at the show.

David Huyck:

David Huyck will be debuting two brand-new minicomics. The first is Three Bears, which follows a small family through a tragedy and back again. And Brow Ridge introduces you to post-apocalyptic, re-evolved, fire-breathing cavemen. In addition to official Cloudy Collection print sets, he will also have rare letterpress artist’s proofs and original screenprints. And don’t miss a chance to grab one of the very limited Cloudy Collection t-shirts, made by David and Top Shelf’s Elio!

Sam Logan:

Sam Logan is the Vancouver-based creator of Sam and Fuzzy, which has been entertaining online readers with its multi-year tales of ninja mafiosos, rodent gangsters and lovesick vampire stalkers for nearly a decade. For his first appearance at TCAF, he will be bringing all his latest books, shirts and prints, as well as a wide assortment of original artwork. You can find him—and all of his stuff—at the TopatoCo booth.

Dave Lapp:

Children of Atom:


Dave Lapp will be debuting his new graphic novel Children of the Atom! Children of the Atom follows the surreal meanderings of Franklin-boy and Jim-Jam girl as they strangely, sadly, and sweetly try to glean meaning from their little lives. Dave will also have his first graphic novel Drop-In which was nominated for an Ignatz and a Wright award, and has had a story selected for America’s Best Comics 2010! Dave will also have a limited edition minicomic featuring 14 pages of jam strips created by him and Chester Brown!

Jason Kieffer:

Kieffer: “This year, I’ll be featuring my first professionally published work, The Rabble of Downtown Toronto. The Rabble consists of forty profiles of Toronto street characters in a sort of guidebook format. The book’s been getting a nice amount of attention locally and has contributed to and generated discussions about issues like homelessness and mental illness. I’ll also be bringing along two minibooks, I Love You, Gabrielle Bell and Twenty Reasons Why You Should Eat Magic Mushrooms.”

Pascal Girard:

Girard: “I’ll be there with my publisher La Pastèque for my last book Jimmy et le Bigfoot. And Drawn and Quarterly for Nicolas.”

Joey Comeau and Emily Horne:

Joey Comeau and Emily Horne are the creators of A Softer World, and will be selling both Softer World books, along with prints of the comic and t-shirts. Joey will have his other books as well—including his new horror novel One Bloody Thing After Another—and both will be available for companionship, prorated by the minute. For an additional fee, Emily provides the girlfriend experience but you cannot pay Joey enough to pretend he likes you. Find them at the TopatoCo table!

Keith Jones:

Keith Jones is from Canada and he will be introducing his new book from Drawn and Quarterly entitled Catland Empire. It is about cat people saving humanity from a few bad decisions that have led it down a spiraling path in which complete genocide seems impending.

Ray Fawkes:

Ray will be signing and selling copies of his ghoulish comedy all-ages graphic novel, Possessions, as well as original artwork from this book and others, prints and convention-exclusive sketchbooks. He will also be presenting an advance preview of his forthcoming work for Top Shelf Productions.

Jamie Q, James Kirkpatrick and Peter Thompson:

Jamie Q:

James Kirkpatrick:

Peter Thompson:

James Kirkpatrick and Jamie Q collaborate as Dusty Peas. They’re bringing their limited edition silk-screened book A Journey Through Time & Shapes. James Kirkpatrick and Peter Thompson collaborate as Brain Trust, also the title of their book published by Anteism. Their limited edition risograph zine Canadian Haircut (Anteism) was nominated for the AGYU Book of the Moment. James will be debuting his new Dernier Cri book, New Strangers. All this and plenty more of their solo and collaborative zines to check out!

Pop Sandbox:

Pop Sandbox is launching KENK, a ground-breaking 304-page journalistic comic book surrounding Igor Kenk, “the world’s most prolific bicycle thief” (The New York Times). In summer 2008, Kenk was arrested and nearly 3,000 bicycles were seized in one of the biggest news stories of the year. Built from more than 30 hours of never-before-seen intimate footage taken over the year leading up to his arrest, KENK is a thought-provoking and surprisingly funny portrait of an outsize neighbourhood figure and a city in flux.

Evan Dorkin:

Dorkin: “I’ll be bringing the usual crap I’ve lugged around for the last eight or so years of shows, along with some art that went into those creaky old books. The Beasts of Burden collection from Dark Horse will be out the following month, and the stuff I’m doing for Bongo starts running then as well, so I won’t have copies of those. I’m also bringing some books for Jim Woodring to sign.”

Tim Piotrowski:

Piotrowski: “I’m bringing my first professionally printed book, Kool Aid Gets Fired, which contains the title story and ‘Son of Kool Aid’. The story takes a look at how corporations view the people who work for them.”

Ananth Panagariya and Yuko Ota:

Johnny Wander is Ananth Panagariya and Yuko Ota! You can read their charm-of-life autobio and fiction work at They’ll be bringing items from their online store including Phoenix Down, PaleontoLOLgy and Mawzantine Crest tees, Basilisk tote bags, Maw keychains and prints. Yuko will be doing sketches at the table as well!

Jim Zubkavich:

Zubkavich: “I’ll be premiering a new minicomic at TCAF titled A Slightly Fictional History of Popcorn. Every food has a fictional history and popcorn’s is worth reading about. I’ll also have copies of the full colour tutorial booklet I put together last year called I Wish There Was a Good Little Booklet On Digitally Colouring Stuff… Oh Wait, Here It Is! and The Makeshift Miracle, my first graphic novel that was published in 2006.”

Jim Ottaviani:

G.T. Labs (also known as Jim Ottaviani) will have its complete back list available at the show, including copies of all the Eisner- and Ignatz-nominated graphic novels about scientists it’s famous for. T-Minus: The Race to the Moon, with art by Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon, will make its first appearance at TCAF as well. Stop by for all that plus limited hardcover editions, posters, Quantum Zombies Inc. cards and more.

Saicoink (An Nguyen):

Saicoink will be presenting her original minicomic series Open Spaces and Closed Places—a nostalgic magical-realistic schooboy comedy with occult elements. The newest book in the series will debut at TCAF.

Top Shelf:

Top Shelf will be appearing in Toronto next month with Top Shelf authors Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt in attendance as well. New books we’ll have include James Kochalka’s collected SuperF*ckers, Kathryn and Stuart Immonen’s Moving Pictures, Jeffrey Brown’s Undeleted Scenes, and our three new book in the Swedish Invasion, 120 Days of Simon, Hey Princess and The Troll King.

Jeffrey Rowland:

Jeffrey Rowland will appear at TCAF unkempt, awkward and unsettlingly distant. He will have some t-shirts in various sizes, a small selection of original artwork, and a few “fan-favorite” comic prints and more excuses as to why a collection of his Overcompensating comics does not yet exist. He will mumble incomprehensibly and may easily be mistaken for a transient. Do not alert the authorities; he is in fact a paid executive.


TopatoCo is the code name for the online store that is rocketing recklessly toward never-before ventured-to mesospheres of e-commerce. The merchandise of a number of your favorite internet comics can be perused and, with a few clicks, purchased, at This year we are convulsing with glee to have a section at TCAF at which to our cartoonist associates will delight you with smiles, confusing conversations and various wares! Books, badges, prints, shirts and other such memorabilia will be at your grasp in ACTUAL REALITY.

Ryan North:

North: “I’ll be bringing some copies of my book Dinosaur Comics: Your Whole Family Is Made Out Of Meat, as well as some new and award-winning shirt designs that you can see already at I will be the tallest man at the con as well as the most handsome. This is a PROMISE.”

AdHouse Books:

AdHouse Books has planned to have both Jim Rugg and Joshua Cotter during the 2010 TCAF event. To celebrate, we’ll be bringing out the hard-to-find editions of Afrodisiac and Skyscrapers of the Midwest. We’ll also have some other rare gems as well.

Colleen Frakes:

Colleen Frakes will be exhibiting her graphic novellas Tragic Relief (2007 Xeric Grant recipient), 80 pages, trade paperback b+w with two color cover, Woman King (2009 Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent), 88 pages, perfect bound b+w interiors, full color cover, and The Trials of Sir Christopher, 118 pages, legal digest, color letterpress cover. All books will be on sale for $5.

Jon Chad:

Jon Chad has been producing handmade minicomics and zines since 2006. His comics Leo Geo Acquires Ancient Knowledge and Shortstack were both nominated for the Kukoc Award for Comics Inspiration in 2008. He now lives in White River Junction where he works and teaches at the Center for Cartoon Studies. Jon will be exhibiting his minicomics The Ruby, Whaletowne and the first chapter of his Bikeman graphic novel.

Adam Bourret:

Bourret: “My name is Adam Bourret and I’m Canadian cartoonist living in Toronto.  Last year I released I’m Crazy, an autobiographical account with my painful, embarrassing, semi-hallucinatory and occasionally hilarious experiences with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Since then the book was won a Xeric Grant and was voted Best Comic at Expozine 2009.  I’m also nominated for a Doug Wright award for ‘Best Emerging Talent’ so stop by my table and wish me luck.  I’ll be offering I’m Crazy and some artwork to sell.”

Joey Weiser:

Joey Weiser will be debuting his new graphic novel, Cavemen in Space at TCAF. Also new this year is the 40-page first issue of his new minicomics series Mermin.  He will have his past two books, The Ride Home and Tales of Unusual Circumstance along with his Kaiju Life postcard set.  And considering that he’ll be set up in the Webcomics Pavilion, he should probably put something together representing his weekly webcomic, Monster Isle.

John Campbell:

John Campbell makes the sad or strange or funny webcomic pictures for sad children and will be bringing his first “book collection” of “comics” and he will be bringing his face, which will have a neutral expression on it.

Noel Tuazon:

Tuazon: “I will be showcasing my new comic book/graphic novel Ribstallments, a collection of sequential shorts and, fingers crossed, Tumor (written by Joshua Hale Fialkov). I’ll also be bringing copies of Fractured Jaw, which is a collection of my black and white watercolors and three books of poetry (written by Carolynn Blanchette) I’ve illustrated in ink and watercolors.  More samples of my work can be viewed on my blog.”

Kean Soo:

Soo: “I will have copies of my two graphic novels on hand at TCAF, Jellaby and Jellaby: Monster in the City, original art, and the last remaining copies of my self-published Jellaby sketchbooks.”

James Turner:

Turner: “I’ll have on hand both trade collections of Rex Libris, the butt-kicking librarian; the graphic novel Nil: A Land Beyond Belief, buttons, prints, and the preview pamphlet for Warlord of Io, my new graphic novel. It hits the shelves this July. It’s about a slacker rich kid who inherits a space empire and suddenly finds himself responsible for the lives of billions. Things go wildly wrong from the get go.”

Idiots’ Books:

Idiots’Books is a (very) small press that publishes satirical, full-color illustrated books and distributes them through a subscription service (six books a year). In addition to presenting various titles, t-shirts and irreverent baby garb at TCAF, Idiots’Books will be debuting the Makers Tile Game, featuring our illustrations for Cory Doctorow’s latest novel, Makers. The “game” consists of 81 interchangeable tiles that can be assembled into one huge image or recombined in seemingly infinite ways.

Rabbit and Bear Paws:

Rabbit and Bear Paws is set in 18th century colonized North America and follows the stories of two mischievous Ojibwa brothers as they play pranks and have amazing adventures using a traditional Ojibwa medicine that transforms them into animals for a short time.

Ethan Rilly:

Ethan Rilly is a Xeric Grant-winning cartoonist. His comic Pope Hats is a slice-of-life story about escaping absurd demons. He was shortlisted in 2008 for the Doug Wright Awards in the category of Best Emerging Talent. He usually lives in either Toronto or Montreal. It has yet to be determined which is the best city. He will be offering Pope Hats #1, old minis and new poster-sized prints at TCAF.

Benjamin Rivers:

Rivers: “For this year’s TCAF I’ll be promoting the 170+ page edition of Empty Words, my long-form, acclaimed dramatic graphic novel. I’ll also have issues one and two of my newest work, Snow, the somber thriller about a young woman living on Toronto’s own Queen Street West. I’ll also be showing pages-in-progress of Snow #3 and its accompanying interactive adventure game for curious passerby.”

Jim Rugg:

Rugg: “I’m in the new SG12 that’s supposed to debut at TCAF. I’ll also have copies of Afrodisiac, Street Angel, One Model Nation, the Janes books (Cecil Castellucci is sharing my table!), and the first two issues of the Guild plus some little things too like prints, Afrodisiac iron-ons and t-shirts, maybe Pood #1 (oversized newsprint anthology), some original art and (fingers-crossed) a new minicomic called Rambo 3.5.”


PictureBox will be at TCAF with our full line of books and guest Frank Santoro. Dan Nadel will give a slideshow and lecture on his new book, Art in Time: Unknown Comic Book Adventures, 1940-1980.

Rina Ayuyang:

Rina Ayuyang will be representing Sparkplug Comic Books at this year’s TCAF. She will be signing copies of her debut graphic novel Whirlwind Wonderland, co-published by Sparkplug and Tugboat Press. She’ll also have new minicomics and all the latest Sparkplug releases such as Elijah Brubaker’s Reich #7, Robert Sergel’s Eschew #2, Aron Nels Steinke’s Neptune and other great reads by David King, Austin English, Renee French, Hellen Jo, Andrew Smith and many more!

Tara Tallan:

Tallan: “Hi, my name is Tara Tallan, the artist and writer of a sci-fi webcomic called Galaxion. At TCAF this year I’m excited to have a shiny new edition of Galaxion Volume 1: The Jump as well as a new Galaxion short story that I’ll be printing as a minicomic (a format that takes me back to my self-publishing roots). It’s a space exploration adventure for all ages!”

David Yoder:

Yoder: “Premiering at TCAF will be a 20-page mini called It Happened At Work… about my day job at a Wal-Mart, a 32-page mini called Giant Naked Baby about a, well, giant and naked baby that comes to a small town.  I will also be bringing a collection of sketches I’ve done of visiting artists to the Center for Cartoon Studies.”

JP Coovert:

One Percent Press will have new comics by Joe Lambert, Alexis Frederick-Frost, JP Coovert, Stephen Floyd and James Hindle. 1% is a small imprint dedicated to making thoughtful, sincere and fun hand-made comics.

Eric Kim:

Kim: “At TCAF I’ll be premiering a new book, The Complete Plays of Shakespeare as adapted by Eric Kim. It’s the complete works from his First Folio, condensed into two panels each. It’s like…I guess it’s the gist of the play without having to delve into all that crazy stuff like exposition, character, dialogue, meaning… Also at the show should be some prints, buttons, and possibly a sketchbook, but I can’t really think of much else at the moment. Overall though I think it’ll be a really fun show (especially since it’s where I live and I have a lot of fun with everyone here), so I’m pretty enthusiastic.”

Ryan Sands:

Sands: “I’ll be slinging the first two issues of my comics/interview/art anthology, Electric Ant Zine. Featuring over 50 contributors from the indie comix scene, First Kiss stories, NIN Mad Libs, a body horror jam comic, and features on Frederik Schodt, the Takarazuka Revue, transvestism in Tokyo and more! Michael DeForge and I will also debut Prison for Bitches, a big  Lady Gaga fanzine featuring articles and fan art with over 40 cartoonists and authors.”

Aaron Costain:

Costain: “I’m hoping to have part five of my Entropy series ready for TCAF, which is a loose retelling of Collodi’s Pinocchio. Entropy is a cultural mash-up that explores the commonalities between the world’s creation and enlightenment myths; it is about an existentially challenged golem in a post-flood landscape.  I will be premiering the latest Team Society League mini, a jam comics collaboration with John Martz.  I’ll also have the Expozine Award-nominated comics Calamity Coach and Good Neighbours, plus some older minis and prints.”

Brian McLaughlan:

McLaughlan: “I will be in a gallery-like room with the TXcomics crew, selling prints, stickers and sketches for The Princess Planet and my new project, Smooth ‘n’ Natural, a retrosexual B-movie webcomic. I’ll also be putting in some time at the Owl Kids booth doing drawings for my younger fans.”

Will Dinski:

Will Dinski is best known for his hand-made minicomics and bizarre, original story lines. Find him at TCAF to buy his Isotope award-winning mini Covered in Confusion, pick up some limited-edition screen prints, and discuss his graphic novel Fingerprints which debuts from Top Shelf Productions in August. Will currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He looks forward to TCAF and his first trip to Canada.

Lucy Knisley:

Knisley: “I’m premiering a new collection of autobio comics called Make Yourself Happy. I’ll also have my motley assortment of self-published and published books, such as Radiator Days, Pretty Little Book, and French Milk. Along with a selection of prints, I’ll be offering small custom watercolor sketches for $20.”

Colleen MacIsaac:

Halifax artist Colleen MacIsaac will be bringing a variety of minicomics, including Put the Kettle On, The Boy Who Loved Flowers, The Ghost of John, Penelope and Abacus, Some Reasons, Random Comics, the Expozine Alternative Press Award finalist Lucht Siuil, and the Cloudburst anthology Exploded View. Some of these comics can be seen at

Steve MacIsaac:

MacIsaac: “I will be bringing a brand new, two-color edition of Shirtlifter #1, which has been out of print for a couple of years. I’ll also have copies of Shirtlifter #2 and #3, as well as various art prints.”

Zack Soto:

Soto: “I’ll be debuting the new issue #4 of Studygroup12, the irregular anthology I edit (last one won an Ignatz in… 2003?). This one has an AMAZING line up of artists, and a mix of offset and silkscreen printing. I should also have at least one other new mini—Ghost Attack Spring 2010, a bunch of prints and some cool minis from my friends at the Pony Club Gallery in Portland, OR.”

Vicki Nerino:

Vicki Nerino cannot live without dirty jokes and awkward nudity, so she’ll be selling just that in the form of a collection of minicomics, stickers, bookmarks, print sets and even some original artwork. Vicki will be premiering her newest minicomic, entitled Ted Bear in Bare Season and she’ll be selling all of these things under the moniker of Uterus Parade Press with her straight life partner Britt Wilson.

Tim Fish:

Tim Fish will showcase his self-published gay-themed OGNs as well as his story from Marvel’s Nation X #2. His latest book, the light-hearted romantic comedy Trust/Truth, is a stylistic departure in both art and tone from past darker dramas such as Love is the Reason, while using his familiar set of realistically portrayed characters.

Rosemary Travale:

Travale: “I’m Rosemary Travale, an illustrator from Hamilton, Ontario. This year at TCAF I’ll be bringing my new mini The Lightning King and some limited edition prints. I’ll have some older work as well, including copies of the Elephano Anthology. On top of that, I’ve got a story in the Lifemeter 3 book that you can pick up from the Comics Bakery guys at the con!”

Jamie McKelvie:

McKelvie: “I’m going to be bringing the newly-released Phonogram: The Singles Club, along with my previous books Phonogram: Rue Britannia and Suburban Glamour. I’ll also have plenty of original art with me and will be sketching throughout the weekend. Maybe even a new and exclusive print if I can get my act together in time!”

Pat Lewis:

Lewis: “I’ll have my IDW graphic novel The Claws Come Out, minicomic versions of the first three parts of my new book Cragmore, hopefully some copies of the Native American comics anthology Trickster, buttons, t-shirts and more!”

Howard Hardiman:

Hardiman: “I’m bringing cute but sad comics from London where I’m studying an MA in illustration. My comics are about a lonely badger, dinosaurs asking for directions and semiautobiographical stories that are a little less cute and a lot sadder.”

La Pastèque:

La Pastèque will be glad to attend for the first time TCAF to showcase our catalogue and the recent production. Pascal Girard will be there to present Jimmy et le Bigfoot, his newest title aimed at the young readers. A tale of mystery and emotions.

Scott C:

Scott C (author of Igloo Head and Tree Head, Double Fine Action Comics, and Hickee) will be bringing the Double Fine Action Comics book (compilation of the first 300 strips of the online comic), Hickee comics and art prints!

Sonja Ahlers:

Ahlers: “My new book The Selves published by Drawn & Quarterly will be released at TCAF. It is a 96-page feminist scrapbook and collective biography telling the story of the different selves in a lifetime starting from baby to lady. The ‘character’ grows up throughout the pages. The cast includes: Hollie Hobbie, Drew Barrymore, the Olsen twins, Camille Claudel, Alice Munro, Degrassi kids, Angelina Jolie and Stevie Nicks. These selves appear by way of collage, illustration and poetry.”

Spike Trotman:

Spike: “I’ll be bringing all the current print editions of my webcomic, Templar, Arizona: Book 1: The Great Outdoors, Book 2: The Mob Goes Wild, Book 3: A Stick to Beat the Devil With, Book 4: Trouble Every Day. Templar is an alternate history slice-of-life story about a fictional city and the strange people who live there, starring a runaway named Ben. I also hope to have preview pages of Poorcraft, the cartoon guide to frugal living I’m currently writing and Diana Nock is illustrating. Poorcraft is a project funded entirely by a Kickstarter pre-order project, and is the most popular comic project in Kickstarter history. People will be able to come by and see how the project’s coming along!

Zack Giallongo:

Giallongo: “For TCAF this year (my first) I’ll have the Novasett Island: First Collection which combines the first 4 issues of Novasett Island as well as some extras.  I’ll also have Grune #1 and Grune #2, which is brand new this month. It’s a story about a group of travelers who find a comatose monster and take him prisoner. I’ll also have some prints and a bit of artwork from Broxo, my upcoming graphic novel for First Second Books.”

Alexis Frederick-Frost:

Alexis Frederick-Frost, co-author and illustrator of Adventures in Cartooning, returns to TCAF. Visit him at the One Percent Press table to chat about comics, get a sketch or pick up copies of his latest minicomics; The Courtship of Ms. Smith, a cautionary tale of love, deception and cannibalism between aristocratic spiders during the 1800s, and The Voyage, a wordless story about a ship’s passage across the ocean, surviving storms, battles and sea serpents.

Lesley Fairfield:

Lesley Fairfield will be at the Tundra table at TCAF on Saturday at 3:00 and Sunday at noon. Tyranny is the graphic story of one girl’s struggle with anorexia and bulimia, the first graphic novel of its kind. Lesley will be there to sign her books for sale.

Willow Dawson:

Dawson: “I’ll have books and new art prints for sale, as well as two new short comics available: a 2-pager about bad guys with Mariko Tamaki in Sequential, and a 1-pager in Fiona Smyth’s The Wilding. I’ll also be drawing and signing at the Owl Kids booth and participating in two panels: one about the role of research in comics, the other about minicomics as art.”

Karl Kerschl:

Karl Kerschl is the author of the Eisner-nominated webcomic The Abominable Charles Christopher and the artist of several Marvel and DC Comics titles, including Wednesday Comics, Adventures of Superman and Spider-Man Adventures.

He will be appearing at TCAF with his TX Comics collaborators and debuting Book One of The Abominable Charles Christopher—the long-awaited, deluxe hardcover volume which collects the first two years of the comic.

Troy Little:

Troy Little (IDW Publishing / Meanwhile Studios) will be at TCAF signing copies of his Eisner-nominated graphic novel Angora Napkin (Best Publication for Teens) and his previous Xeric winning book Chiaroscuro. Get a peek at the Angora Napkin animated pilot or pick up a freshly screen Angora t-shirt! A limited number of original pages from both books will be available for sale. Check out clips from the cartoon and pages from his books online at:

Jonathan Rosenberg

“As part of a special sneak-preview event, I’ll be selling a limited ??number of copies of my new book Goats: Showcase Showdown, published by ??Del Rey/Random House, at TCAF. This is the third book in the Infinite ??Pendergast cycle and will be available in stores and online May 25th. ??I’ll also have toys, prints, shirts and more at the Topatoco booth!”

all images ©2010 their respective creators

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