Latif Demirci: Profiles of Turkey’s Best Editorial Cartoonists I

Posted by on July 19th, 2010 at 6:50 AM


From now on, I would like to introduce you some of the most successful editorial cartoonists of Turkey. Let me start with my personal favorite, Latif Demirci. Latif contributed so much to Turkish comics life with his hilarious characters, such as Muhlis Bey, Arap Kadri, Press Bey, and Media Hanım. Unlike his peers who mostly make didactic political statements with mere illustrations, Latif makes witty observations on complicated Turkish political scene also managing to make his readers laugh. Born in 1961, he worked in weekly humor magazines, Girgir, Firt, Mikrop, and Hibir. However his work has been widely acknowledged with his editorial cartooning position in Hürriyet, a mainstream daily newspaper ( . Especially on Sunday supplement of Hürriyet, half of the page is devoted to his cartoons. Those extremely successful  cartoons where he satirizes the media moguls, the newly rich, the politicians (mostly the prime minister Recep Tayip Erdogan) contain rich sociological observations that most columnists or academician can not manage to grasp.

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