U.K. Moorcock and the Goons

Posted by on October 27th, 2010 at 9:12 AM

A couple of British titles from when I was an early teen. Very period looking.

First, a cover by Michael Terry. Here Terry describes his career in drawing Spike Milligan covers: “I produced nine cover illustrations for Spike between 1975 and 1984.” The book came out in 1973, then had its paperback edition in 1974 and a reprint of same in 1975. Maybe this final edition had its own cover, supplied by Terry.

Mayflower Moorcock. Click here for the Google image results for “Mayflower Moorcock Count Brass artist,” here for “mayflower moorcock cover artist.”

No info for artist below. The book came out in 1973.

Daily proverb. A wasted moment snatches the purse of time.

Stan says. The Black Panther tackles the man called Venomm – now!

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