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Posted by on November 19th, 2010 at 3:55 AM

Joy spread fast through the finnish comics circles two days ago when the Angouleme shortlist was announced. No less then 2 finnish books were included in the final selection: Aapo Rapi’s Meti and Ville Ranta’s “L’exilé du Kalevala

This further proof that Finland, as Mathias Wivel wrote here in his entry is a ” regional epicenter of inspiring experimental comics”. Personally I couldn’t agree more and am therefore pleased to start blogging here on the Comics Journal about Finnish comics. They may look and read like exotic tales from a faraway country, but deep down they use and reinvent the same story patterns and artistic expressions that make comics a great artform

So expect more from me in the future and to show some credentials: I am Jelle Hugaerts, a 33 year old Belgian immigrant living in Helsinki and co-runner of Huuda Huuda publishing company. On a daily basis I am the owner of the Pitkämies comic store and teach about comics throughout the country.


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