Featured Artist: Ayako Okubo

Posted by on December 3rd, 2009 at 5:08 AM

I don’t know a lot about Ayako Okubo or her work but what I’ve seen has blown me away.okubo

There’s some great news on her blog too:

She’s finishing a sophomore installment of KITEKI, which was an underground art comics hit some years ago. Its coming out this Winter from Seirinkogeisha (who publishes Axe Magazine) (…which has absolutely nothing to do with Axe Deoderant but probably does a much better job helping sweaty comic book boys meet less sweaty comic book girls).

I’d appreciate if anyone going to Japan soon would pick me up a copy…

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One Response to “Featured Artist: Ayako Okubo”

  1. FYI, the anthology published by Seirinkogeisha is AX Magazine (and not “Axe”). It’s a publication that picked up after Garo more or less stopped being published. A quick look is available at http://du9.org/Around-Ax

    And contrary to what some might think, the archetypal sweaty comic book boys in Japan are very similar to the archetypal sweaty comic book boys in the US — that is, catering to the most mainstream fare, and rarely turning to the art-comic publications.
    My experience at the different Mandarake stores in Tokyo has shown that the alt/underground aisles are usually deserted, (contrary to the dôjinshi and moe parts, which are indeed crowded with the overweight, sweating, headband-sporting guys).