“These Manga Are Awesome!”

Posted by on December 9th, 2009 at 2:27 PM

I have no best of list, as mentioned previously, but here’s a neat take on such lists:

Kono manga ga sugoi! (loosely translates as “These manga are awesome!”) is a mook published at the end every year that lists the top 20 manga published between Oct. 1 of the previous year and Sept. 30 of the current year. And the list is created by an “objective aggregate” of the years’ favorites cited by over seventy comics academics, artists, illustrators, writers, musicians, pundits, and idoru. I’m new to this publication but it’s been in circ. since 2005 so apologies if c’est old news.

The interesting thing about the list, I think, is that the list is gendered. There are separate “best men’s manga” and “best women’s manga” lists.

The men’s manga winner was “Bakuman” by OBA, Tsugumi. “Chihayafuru” by SUEZUKI, Yuki won in the women’s division.

I have no criticism for or against the stats but it’s popular information science, and that’s interesting. [Reminds me of the academic credo a statistics prof. taught me in college: “Lies, lies! It’s all statistics!”]

Heidi sends out a survey to the industry’s Who’s Who every year but it’d be interesting to see the results presented in graphics and split demographically.

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