Wine and Roses…and Manga

Posted by on December 31st, 2009 at 4:37 AM

Apologies in advance for my holiday disappearance. In Fraunchy France now enjoying ice-cold weather and the first full moonblue moon (LOL: thanks Gavin for the note. I thought I’d written “blue moon” but I screwed up and wrote “full.”) in twenty years. More nonsense to come in the new year. Here’s a little wine news, to celebrate my Gallic hosts.

Agi Tadashi’s wine-appreciation manga series, “Kami no Shizuku” (Mead of the Gods) made Wine Magazine’s “2009 Most Powerful” list.

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2 Responses to “Wine and Roses…and Manga”

  1. Gavin Lees says:

    As foreign as they may seem, France still gets a full moon every 4 weeks, just like the good ole USA. What they’re about to experience tonight is a lunar eclipse on a blue moon – should be purty. In fact, if you consider that it’s a blue moon eclipse on New Year’s Eve – that’s a once a century occurrence (about every 91 years)!

  2. Anne Ishii says:

    I totally had a “senior moment” there and of course, meant “blue moon” hahaha. Thanks for the note, Gavin. Sh+t. I’ve really lost it.