Minis Monday: A Jug of Wine and Thou

Posted by on February 8th, 2010 at 1:00 PM

More comics collected at the Maine Comics Arts Festival held last year in Portland. Can I get a witness!


From Stay Away from Other People, ©2008 Lisa Hanawalt


It’s Sexy When People Know Your Name
Stay Away from Other People
Lisa Hanawalt

Lisa Hanawalt brings an autobiographer’s faithfulness and a drawn-from-life attentiveness to imaginative visions that leave their mundane wellsprings far behind. Her crisp line drawings reveal a purposeful fancy, an antsy intellect and an infectious sense of humor that makes her self-assured reflections that much more beguiling.

These are not so much comics as associated drawings. Individual renderings often carry narrative suggestion even as whole groups coalesce into visually explicated lists. For instance, Sexy …, a compact, flip-sized book (2 ¾”- x 4”), ends with a gallery of astute, kicky contemplations that wind up being, in fact, seductive. At twice the size, Stay Away … ranges even further with more considered treatments and unpredictable rewards. Hanawalt’s “A Typical Week” suggests how rich and diverse a life frankly observed and handsomely depicted can be. Together these booklets are the comics equivalent of a terrific blind date.


Real Science
Tim Stout

In Real Science, Tim Stout sticks closely to classical minicomics tradition and to figuration reminiscent of an embellished Matt Feazell. This is an appropriately compressed drama of romantic rivalry contested in the school laboratory … in which a volcano with an on/off switch is transported to the gym for the science fair, only to be upstaged by an elixir that begets beauty and so on. That gives a lot away plot-wise (save the resolution) but again consistent with mini-formulation, readerly fun is a function also of creative ingenuity and bravado shoehorned into such circumcised execution. Stout composes four panels to a page, but the front and back covers of enlarged panels suggest how much more involving and expressive his work a size or two up might be.

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One Response to “Minis Monday: A Jug of Wine and Thou”

  1. Mike Hunter says:

    Graceful and lively critiques, deftly delineating and giving a taste of their subjects.

    But…”circumcised execution”? Oy! Is the end of the story cut off?