• Craft of Comics: Jamie Grant (Part one, part two): This two-part video series takes us through the digital coloring process, as Grant explains his no-nonsense approach to comics art.
  • Craft of Comics: Frank Quitely: Quitely demonstrates how he uses his Cintiq to improve his workflow with traditional media, and takes us through some of the preliminary steps in creating a comic-book cover.
  • Hope Street Studios: A visit to the Glasgow, Scotland cartooning studio, where professional creators like Jamie Grant, Frank Quitely, Gary Erskine and Dominic Regan have formed a creative nexus with emerging independent artists and writers.
  • SDCC 10: International Comics and Graphic Novels Panel: Tom Spurgeon moderates a panel with Moto Hagio (Japan: A Drunken Dream), Milo Manara (Italy: X-Men) and Kathryn and Stuart Immonen (Canada: Moving Pictures). Emile Bravo (France: My Mommy is in America and she Met Buffalo Bill) joins in.
  • SDCC 2010 Manga for Grown-Ups Panel: Jason Thompson offers a muiltimedia presentation on the other side of the manga scene.



  • The Best American Comics Criticism Discussion: On May 27, 2010, editor Ben Schwartz and contributors R. Fiore (The Comics Journal,, Brian Doherty (Reason), Sammy Harkham (Kramers Ergot) and Joe Matt (Spent) discussed the book The Best American Comics Criticism. (Recording courtesy of Skylight Books.)
    Click here to download (78MB MP3 audio file)
  • Censorship in Manga Lecture: This audio file is a “rough draft” of the lecture on censorship in manga and anime that Jason Thompson delivered at TCAF, presented at the 2010 Sakura Con in Seattle, WA.
    Click here to download (56.6MB MP3 audio file)
  • SDCC 2010: The Personal Touch: Presenting an audio recording from the “Graphic Novels: The Personal Touch” Panel, featuring Gabrielle Bell, Howard Cruse, Vanessa Davis, Larry Marder, Jillian Tamaki and Carol Tyler in a conversation moderated by Shaenon Garrity. Recorded on Friday, July 23.
    Click here to download (9.8MB MP3 audio file)
  • SDCC 2010: Recapturing Copyright: Copyright lawyer Marc Greenberg discusses recent developments in the Superman case (Siegel v. DC) and the Jack Kirby estate’s claims against Marvel Entertainment, in a presentation for the Comics Arts Conference. Recorded on Thursday, July 22.
    Click here to download (10.7MB MP3 audio file)
  • SDCC 2010: Understanding, Making and Teaching Comics: The creators of Understanding Comics and Market Day discuss transforming the unruly creative process into practical instruction, in a conversation recorded on Friday, July 23.
    Click here to download (19.4MB MP3 audio file)


The Comics Journal Audio Archive

Excerpts from The Comics Journal‘s archive of audiotapes, which were used to record interviews and public events and collected over the course of three decades — quite possibly the most extensive oral history of the United States comics industry in existence.

  • Berkeley Breathed: Recorded at the 1988 convention of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists in Milwaukee, Breathed took the occasion to address the ugly in-fighting over the Pulitzer Prize given to him the previous year for his daily newspaper strip, Bloom County.
    Click here to download
    (7.9MB MP3 audio file, 17:22 minutes)
  • The Cartoonist’s Art: Roy Crane and Chester Gould: One of the coolest finds in the archive is a cassette containing two 1961 episodes from the radio program hosted by then-Bringing Up Father cartoonist Verne Greene, for what was then WRVR in New York City. Appearing on these episodes were Dick Tracy creator Chester Gould, and Wash Tubbs/Buz Sawyer cartoonist Roy Crane. Enjoy this near-forgotten moment from the history of comics!
    Click here to download:
    Roy Crane
    (6.7MB MP3 audio file, 29:08 minutes)
    Chester Gould (6.6MB MP3 audio file, 28:59 minutes)
  • Howard Chaykin: A series of extended excerpts from Kim Thompson’s 1987 interview with the American Flagg! creator, who discussed the series that made his mark, as well as Blackhawk, Time2, his approach to the medium, genre fiction, ethnicity in comics, human nature, and much, much more. Originally recorded for Amazing Heroes #132.
    Click here to download:
    Part One
    (4.9MB MP3 audio file, 21:33 minutes)
    Part Two (5MB MP3 audio file, 21:49 minutes)
    Part Three (4.4MB MP3 audio file, 19:20 minutes)
  • Hal Foster: Excerpts from Arn Saba’s 1979 interview with the revered creator of the classic Sunday newspaper strip Prince Valiant, recorded toward the end of Foster’s life. Originally published in The Comics Journal #102. This interview is ©2010 Katherine Collins, and is used with her gracious permission.
    Click here to download:
    Part One
    (10.2MB MP3 audio file, 44:44 minutes)
    Part Two (4.7MB MP3 audio file, 20:32 minutes)
  • Gil Kane and Robert Crumb: The veteran comic-book artist and the underground-comix legend discussed influences on their work during a panel at the 1986 Dallas Con.
    Click here to download
    (21.9MB MP3 audio file, 47:39 minutes)
  • Walt Kelly: This interview with the Pogo creator was conducted by Gil Kane for an audience at the National Cartoonists Society banquet in November 1969, which was no mean feat, since Kelly had apparently been celebrating and was not initially in a cooperative mood. Among those in attendance was Rube Goldberg, who chimed in frequently, as you’ll hear.
    Click here to download:
    file one
    (19.3MB MP3 audio file, 42.01 minutes)
    file two (7.7MB MP3 audio file, 16:47 minutes)
  • Stan Lee: We couldn’t resist. This snippet originally served as a hidden track on a promotional CD that we released a few years back — in it, one of the magazine’s poor interns is sent to ask the Marvel Comics face-man for an interview. Goodness only knows when or where this was recorded…
    Click here to download
    (40.2kb MP3 audio file)
  • Todd MacFarlane: It’s a clash of titans as executive editor Gary Groth confronts the Spawn creator and Image Comics co-founder in a no-holds-barred debate over artistic and commercial freedom vs. responsibility, originally recorded in 1992 for TCJ #152.
    Click here to download:
    Part One
    (14.5MB MP3 audio file, 63:28 minutes)
    Part Two (4MB MP3 audio file, 17:39 minutes)
  • Charles Schulz: Conducted for The Comics Journal #200, Gary Groth spoke with the Peanuts creator in Santa Rosa, California, and later in a follow-up conversation by phone. The below-linked files present an excerpt from the first side of the second tape (conducted in Santa Rosa), and the first side of the third tape (conducted by phone) in its entirety.
    Click here to download:
    file one
    (4.5MB MP3 audio file, 19:45 minutes)
    file two (13.2MB MP3 audio file, 57:33 minutes)


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