Rock Manlyfist – Master of Space Karate

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For those of you living in Scandinavia, Johan Wanloo is most likely a well-known name. He has been working with all kinds of comics for the last 20 years and has been published almost everywhere. Despite this, there is regrettably little to show someone not fluent in Swedish, Danish or Norwegian. Regrettably that is, as I feel Wanloo is one of those rare gems of a cartoonists who, if he had been born in a country where the language was shared by more than in our small neck of the woods, would have been a household name all over the world by now.

Anyway, here’s what I wrote about Wanloo in the book Swedish Comics History (which by the way should now, finally, be on its way to a comic shop near you):

“Wanloo creates everything from gag cartoons for daily newspapers to lengthy adventure stories, all with the same beautiful, smooth inking and the same satirical, ironical twists. Wanloo’s biggest project to date is a series of graphic novels called De äventyrslystna karlakararna (The Adventurous Manly Men), a riveting parody, combining Wanloo’s love for pop culture from the 1960s and 1970s with classical TV-series like The Persuaders, James Bond etc.”

The Adventurous Manly Men has not yet been published in English, but from now on there will be more comics by Wanloo in English. He just launched the comic Rock Manlyfist – Master of Space Karate as a web comic in English, with new episodes every Monday. Right now there’s only one episode available, but the set-up sounds like it’s going to be one of Wanloo’s usual roller-coaster rides, with everything from laser-beam-shooting aliens to big, burly and very manly heroes with great hair. Stay tuned, I know I will!

If you want to read more by Wanloo in English, there’s only a short comic in the anthology From the Shadow of the Northern Lights vol 2. Oh, and here´s an interview, in English, about Rock Manlyfist.

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