I’d Like to Thank the Academy…

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According to the University Press of Mississippi’s blog, A Comics Studies Reader has “just been named the Peter C. Rollins Book Award by the Southwest Texas Popular/American Culture Association…awarded annually for the best book in popular culture studies and/or American culture studies…Designed to reward genuine research and lucid expression, the award bears the name of Peter C. Rollins, founder of the SWTX organizations.” In this context, “Southwest Texas” refers to the southwestern United States, plus Texas – not southwest Texas, thankfully.

Many thanks to Jeet, our contributors, and UPM! Here’s the announcement: http://upmississippi.blogspot.com/2010/01/praise-for-comics-studies-reader_20.html#more. And here is the book’s TOC:

(01) Introduction – Jeet Heer and Kent Worcester

(02) Thierry Groensteen – “Why are Comics Still in Search of Cultural Legitimization?”

(03) Historical Considerations

(04) David Kunzle – “Rodolphe Töpffer’’s Aesthetic Revolution”

(05) Robert C. Harvey – “How Comics Came to Be”

(06) Gilbert Seldes – “The ‘Vulgar’ Comic Strip”

(07) Fredric Wertham – “excerpt from Seduction of the Innocent

(08) Amy Kiste Nyberg – “William Gaines and the Battle over EC Comics”

(09) John Lent – “The Comics Debates Internationally”

(10) Peter Coogan – “The Definition of the Superhero”

(11) M. Thomas Inge – “Two Boys from the Twin Cities”

(12) Craft, Art, Form

(13) David Carrier – Caricature”

(14) W.J.T. Mitchell – “Beyond Comparison”

(15) Thierry Groensteen – “The Impossible Definition”

(16) Charles Hatfield – “An Art of Tensions”

(17) Joseph Witek – “The Arrow and the Grid”

(18) Pascal Lefèvre – ““The Construction of Space in Comics”

(19) Robert S. Petersen – “The Acoustics of Manga”

(20) Culture, Narrative, Identity

(21) Roger Sabin – “Ally Sloper: The First Comics Superstar?”

(22) Martin Barker – “Jackie and the Problem of Romance”

(23) Anne Rubenstein – “Home Loving and Without Vices”

(24) Bart Beaty – “Autobiography as Authenticity”

(25) Adam Kern – “Manga versus Kibyôshi”

(26) Fusami Ogi – “Beyond Shoujo, Blending Gender”

(27) Scrutiny and Evaluation

(28) Ariel Dorfman – “The Innocents March into History”

(29) Thomas Andrae – “The Garden in the Machine”

(30) John Benson, David Kasakove, Art Spiegelman – An Examination of ‘”Master Race”’”

(31) Gene Kannenberg, Jr. – ““The Comics of Chris Ware”

(32) Annalisa Di Liddo – “Crossing the Boundaries of the Medium”

(33) Hillary Chute – “History and Graphic Representation in Maus”

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  1. I have this book, and would recommend other people pick it up.