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“We have a whole lot more in common than any differences. I don’t quite understand when some of my print colleagues look down at webcomics. I also don’t understand when webcomics creators say print comics suck.”

FoxTrot creator Bill Amend


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From Chester Brown’s adaptation of the Book of Matthew, ©2010 Chester Brown.


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Above the Fold


Life in interesting times

  • Bruce Brown died last Sunday, after a struggle with cancer. Brown was best known as the writer behind Brit.

    (Link via Laura Hudson.)


  • Variety reports that a federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit files against Stan Lee and Marvel Entertainment by Stan Lee Media shareholders Jose Abadin and Christopher Belland, who “had charged that Lee improperly transferred rights to his creations from the company to Marvel in 1998.”

  • Jim Milliot of Publishers Weekly is on a roll, noting that “Borders Group has arranged new financing that will allow it to pay back [a $42.5 million loan] and also give it an extra three years on its credit agreement that was set to mature in July 2011,” shortly after the bookstore chain reported that it had “managed to cut its losses for the fiscal year ended January 30.”

  • Milliot also notes that the YA publisher Scholastic “had a better than expected third quarter ended February 28, although sales still fell to $398.8 million from $423.6 million in last year’s comparable quarter.”

  • The dreaded Death Note claims its latest victim.

    (Link via Anime News Network.)


  • Paul O’Brien presents his latest month-to-month comparisons for sales of Marvel products to Direct Market retailers, now updated for February. Marc-Oliver Frisch does the same for DC Comics.

  • Rich Johnston has more on Checker Publishing’s decision to sever ties with Diamond.

  • Wim Lockefeer examines the argument over digital-reproduction rights in France.

  • Matt Blind examines the ongoing Borders/Barnes & Noble horserace.

    Screenshot from this video of ComicsPRO president Joe Field’s hall-of-fame presentation.


  • Brian Hibbs and Kendall Swafford offer their thoughts on the recently concluded gathering of the comics-shop trade group ComicsPRO.

  • Cécile Lepage profiles underground publisher and distributor Last Gasp on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.

  • A brief peek at the mainstream of comics.


Format WarsTM something something… something!

  • Jim Milliot again: “Predictions that the move to an agency model would be messy have proven correct with the most serious consequence being the inability of Penguin and Amazon to reach an agreement over terms of sale. As a result, Penguin e-books released beginning today will not be available at the Kindle store.” Calvin Reid has more on the possible ramifications of the agency model for e-book pricing.

  • On the same tip, Media Bistro has the latest on’s reluctant embrace of the agency model: one, two.

  • Kevin Melrose looks at the Marvel Entertainment app for the iPad, and tries to avoid concluding that it’s just the House That Jack Built’s Web service ported to a new device.

  • Damn, that’s gotta hurt.

  • Dan Hope looks at the latest tablet announcements from Asus.

  • Chloe Albanesius reports on a new study that states that only one in ten iPad buyers intend to use the device for reading e-books.

  • Today’s iPad heresy comes from Cory Doctorow and Salon CEO Richard Gingras.


Mike Sterling: The end of civilization

Sterling finds the most dubious items from the latest Diamond catalog, so you don’t have to.




  • Abhay Khosla on Donald Glut

    “I had intended this interview to concern his career in the comics, seeing as this is a comic book blog and all, but this one really didn’t go as planned. Over the course of my research, I found that Mr. Glut’s comic career was just the tip of the iceberg, in a varied career in the entertainment business, which has included stints in film, rock music, Saturday morning cartoons, non-fiction, pulp fiction, voice-over, comic books, and possibly more.”






  • Derik Badman on La Bande Dessinée, Mode D’Emploi

    “The title, which one could roughly translate as ‘Comics: Instructions for Use’ or ‘Comics Manual,’ gives some indication of [Thierry Groensteen’s] goal. The book is written not as an academic treatise […], but as a work for the student, for the lay person.”


  • J. Caleb Mozzocco on Black Blizzard

    “It’s impressive work from an artist so young — and not simply because of how quickly it was created — although it’s far from [Yoshihiro] Tatsumi’s best.”






  • Curt Purcell (one, two): Imagination vs. art in horror film, comics and literature

    Is what you can’t see scarier than what you can?




Comics and Art


  • Online portfolio and illustration blog: Anton Emdin

    Illustration for the Australian edition of Mad Magazine, ©2010 Anton Emdin.


    Lots of eye-candy links today. Let’s kick it off with some fantastic caricature and cartooning from an artist who does both very, very well.

    (Link via Tom Richmond.)






  • Bloggingheads: Tom Toles


    Writer Robert Wright speaks with the Washington Post cartoonist in a wide-ranging, hour-long discussion.


  • Comics-related podcasts

    • Gabrielle Bell braves the Comix Claptrap for your edification (35.6MB).
    • This week on Inkstuds, Michael Dowers, Mary Fleener, Wayno and Colin Upton join Robin McConnell to discuss the new minicomics collection Newave! (53.4MB).
    • This time out on War Rocket Ajax: “Curt Franklin and Chris Haley of Let’s Be Friends Again sit in on the whole episode, and basically try their best to ruin our show” (49.3MB).
    • Way too much talk about Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy over at Fourcast (40.4MB).

    All podcasts are in downloadable MP3 audiofile format.


Comics Culture


  • Sean T. Collins: Diary of a Teenage Girl on stage

    “If you’re in New York and have any interest in the semi-autobiographical Phoebe Gloeckner graphic novel from which the play was adapted, or in an unusual and innovative theatrical experience, or simply in a movingly no-bullshit exploration of the lives of young people and the older people who shape them, I’m almost willing to buy you the tickets myself.”


  • Chris Murphy: Penny Arcade Expo East

    “The Penny Arcade Expo — a gaming convention founded by the Penny Arcade webcomic creators Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik — made its first visit to the east coast this last weekend, setting up shop for three days at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.”


  • Kiel Phegley: This week’s David Glanzer interview

    The Comic-Con rep discusses the membership sellout in San Diego and this weekend’s WonderCon in San Francisco.


  • Your Not-Comics Link of the Day:

    “Decades before Kinsey, Stanford professor Clelia Mosher polled Victorian-era women on their bedroom behavior — then kept the startling results under wraps.”


  • Your Scans_Daily Link of the Day:

    Nope, I’m done with this. It’s getting too difficult to find anything that isn’t just a spoiler rundown for this week’s batch of superhero decadence. This feature is hereby retired.


Events Calendar




  • April 2-4 (San Francisco, CA): WonderCon 2010 takes place at the Moscone Center South. Details here.
  • April 2-4 (Seattle, WA): Sakura-Con 2010 is a celebration of Japanese pop culture taking place at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. Details here.
  • April 2-4 (Wellington, New Zealand): The New Zealand Independent Comics Festival takes place at the Basement Gallery on Dixon Street. Details here.
  • April 2 (White River Junction, VT): Market Day author James Sturm will give a presentation and book signing at the Center for Cartoon Studies, from 5-8PM. Details here.


This Week:


  • April 3 (Glasgow, Scotland): The Queen Margaret Union Comic and Toy Fair takes place in University Gardens, from 11AM-3PM. Details here.
  • April 3 (Austin, TX): John Porcellino presents a slideshow and reading at Domy Books on Cesar Chavez, beginning at 7PM. Details here.
  • April 3 (San Francisco): Help celebrate the 21st anniversary of Comix Experience on Divisadero Street, beginning at 8PM. Details here.


Want to see your comics-related event listed here? Email a link to and let me know. Please include an online link to which I can send people for more information. No sales-only events, please — it’s nice that you’ve marked things down at your store or website, but I won’t be listing it here.


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One Response to “Journalista for April 2, 2010: Don’t quite understand”

  1. Ben Don says:

    I don’t blame you for retiring the Scans_Daily feature. It’s neither the resource nor the community it used to be. Its membership has dwindled due to one move that was not its fault (the LJ shutdown) and one that was (the unnecessary move to Dreamwidth). The members who are left are pretty much the hardcore spandex fans who are all “Huh? Literary comics? Vintage EC? Non-porn manga? Bandes-dessinées? Whuzzat?”

    And to top it all off, the expanded mod team has gone way over the PC deep end, issuing warnings for using the adjective “lame” because it’s “ableist” and allowing members (especially mods) to verbally abuse other members for posts and comments that smack too much of “privilege.” And BTW, I’m a pro-choice, Democrat-supporting, LGBT-friendly, environmentalist, feminist…so if I find the community far too PC, that should tell you something.

    R.I.P., Scans_Daily. Your former (i.e. first) incarnation is still missed. Your present one…not so much.