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“Okay, this is the sort of story that changes quickly, so by the time you read this it may no longer be an issue. There’s a new webcomic-reading application over in the iPhone/iPad apps store, by one Mr or Ms Reilly Watson. Unlike the last one of these that made a splash in the community, this app does not appear to be a simple RSS feed aggregator — it appears to pull comics from the creator’s site, present it outside of their preferred context, costing the creators bandwidth and advertising revenue (I don’t have an iPhone or iPad, so my apologies if I’m wrong on this one). One more time for those in the back: RSS readers = cool, scrapers = not cool.”


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Artist Jamie Grant demonstrates some of the intricacies of digital coloring.


Recently posted to our homepage:

  • Gavin Lees presents the conclusion of Jamie Grant’s two-part digital-coloring discussion, offered in streaming video.

  • International comics: Our Belgian correspondent, Bart Croonenborghs, introduces himself with a look at Olivier Schrauwen’s latest book, The Man Who Let His Beard Grow.

  • Rob Clough reviews the first two issues of the anthology Supertalk.

  • R.C. Harvey on Funky Winkerbean.

  • Over at The Hooded Utilitarian, Chris Mautner discusses Popeye creator E.C. Segar’s lesser-known strip, Sappo.

And in the news…


Above the Fold


Life in interesting times

  • Tom Spurgeon brings word of the death of French-Canadian comics scholar Richard Langlois on July 19, at the age of 68.

  • On October 3, Cathy Guisewite will end her three-decade run on the newspaper strip Cathy. René Guzman has the details.

  • Oh, for fuck’s sake: “Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter and state broadcaster Sveriges Television have been reported to the police for publishing child porn in the form of manga cartoons, prohibited under Swedish law.”

  • Asia News reports on recent efforts to shine a spotlight on the case of missing Sri Lankan cartoonist Prageeth Eknaligoda.

  • Publishers Weekly reports that “Borders has eliminated an unspecified number of employees at the company headquarters.”

  • The Library of Congress is opening the notes and papers of phychiatrist and notorious anti-comics critic Fredric Wertham to the public.

  • Concerned parent Margaret Barbaree’s war against the shelving of manga in a Crestview, Florida public library continues, with over 200 challenges filed to date.

  • Brigid Alverson wonders about what’s happening with Del Rey’s manga line.


Today’s Format WarsTM report

  • Sarah Morean wonders about what’s happening with

  • Robin Brenner offers four reasons why libraries aren’t the same as scanlations. Seriously, someone actually had to spell this out…?



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Graphic NYC




  • Things From Another World on James Kochalka

    “My dad was an old newspaper man, a news editor, and he happened to be really into the old newspaper comic strips. So we had a lot of that kind of stuff around the house. Little stories told with pictures have always greatly excited my imagination. And having an excited imagination is a glorious, heavenly thing.”


  • John Kricfalusi (one, two) on Ron Ferdinand

    One of Hank Ketcham’s ghost artists discusses the studio behind the Dennis the Menace machine.






  • Brian Heater on The Golden Collection of Klassic Krazy Kool Kids Komics

    “The ‘curiosities’ element comes into play here not only through the oft-outlandish subject matter of these strips, but also from the artists chosen by [Craig] Yoe. The editor parades a number of artistic luminaries who made names for themselves far away from the world of fuzzy animal comics — Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Harvey Kurtzman, Basil Wolverton, and Frank Frazetta, who proves himself a master of this form, as well.”




Comics and Art


  • Sam Henderson: National Lampoon parodies Mad Magazine

    Art by John Romita.

    A taste of their own medicine.






  • YouTube: Rube Goldberg

    A four-minute biography of the cartoonist and his work.

    (Link via Mike Lynch.)


Events Calendar




  • Aug. 12 (New York City, NY): A panel discussion on “The Future of the Traditional Comic Strip in the Era of Dying Newspapers” takes place at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art on Broadway, beginning at 7PM. Details here.


This Week:


  • Aug. 13 (New York City, NY): A host of cartoonists will be signing in support of the new all-ages anthology, Reading With Pictures, at Forbidden Planet on Broadway from 6:45-8:15PM. Details here.
  • Aug. 14 (San Francisco, CA): Joshua Ellingson serves as cartoonist-in-residence at the Cartoon Art Museum on Mission Street, from 1-3PM. Details here.


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