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“A search of the term comic at the Kindle store produces 3318 results as of this writing, although how many of those are actually comics, versus books with the word ‘comic’ in the title is anybody’s guess.”


“In Japantown. My son is physically attacking the cosplayers. As he has been taught to do.”


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From Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness, ©2010 Reinhard Kleist.


Recently posted to our homepage:

  • Douglas Wolk presents the third installment of his interview with comic-book artist Kevin O’Neill.

  • Marc Sobel reviews Reinhard Kleist’s Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness.

  • Rich Kreiner reviews Michael Kupperman’s Tales Designed to Thrizzle Vol. 1.

  • As always, R.C. Harvey covers the funny pages.

  • Bucking all kinds of recent trends, GutterGeek‘s Alex Boney discusses the Captain America/Tea Party pseudo-controversy like a calm, rational adult.

  • Over at The Hooded Utilitarian, Caroline Small examines the crossroads between creativity and copyright, and how the latter sometimes smothers the former.

And in the news…


Above the Fold


Life in interesting times

  • Disney Book Group US publisher Jonathan Yaged is leaving his position to take a job with House Party, described as “a consumer activation and experiential marketing company.”

  • “Barnes & Noble has refused investor Ron Burkle’s Yucaipa Cos.’ request to be allowed to increase his stake in the company to 37% of shares, larger than founder Leonard Riggio’s 31% share,” according to ICv2.

  • Heidi MacDonald has a round-up of Diamond owner Steve Geppi’s various legal difficulties, while Tom Spurgeon offers brief-but-cogent commentary.

  • Hard times are forcing the closure of Baton Rouge, Louisiana comics shop School of Comics. Manager Jeff Wally hopes to open a “more streamlined store” in the coming months.

  • Fledgling digital-comics publisher has purchased the comics-podcast/community site iFanboy.


Format WarsTM blood in the marketplace body count… ewww!




  • Joe Alterio on Charles Burns and Gary Panter

    The Raw alumni discuss their years of collaborations.

    (Link via Mike Baehr.)







  • Sean Kleefeld and Eva Volin on Crogan’s March

    Sequence from the book, ©2010 Chris Schweizer.


    “I’ve been unduly impressed with both of the Crogan books thus far; I can’t make a single complaint against either of them. Well worth picking up.”


  • Katherine Dacey on Bride of the Water God Vol. 1-5

    “There are two things to know about Bride of the Water God before you begin reading: first, the artwork is stunningly beautiful, and second, the story takes frequent, confusing detours that are almost impossible to explain, given what we know about the characters.”






  • John Adcock: Mysteries of Melvin

    In search of Alfred E. Neuman.


  • Jaime Weinman: Learn Spanish or the kid gets it

    “Anyway, Archie comics had surprisingly few out-and-out remakes for a franchise where a lot of the stories kind of feel like remakes. But there have been a few exceptions, starting with two versions of one script that told us the same thing: if you don’t learn a foreign language, people will die. “


  • Nevin Martell: The fantastic truth of Calvin and Hobbes

    “Bill Watterson’s work remains hilarious, and wildly inventive — but it also manages to be authentic in a way that very few cartoons ever are.”


Comics and Art


  • Richard Cowdry: “Is There Life After Levittown?”

    From the book Lemme Outa Here!, ©1978 Bill Griffith.


    A classic autobiographical tale by Zippy the Pinhead creator Bill Griffith.







  • Homepage: Royal Jelly

    Streaming-video interviews with Paul Hornschemeier, Tim Hensley, Lisa Hanawalt, Sammy Harkham and John Pham.


Comics Culture



  • Dave Howard: Brad Mackay on the Doug Wright Awards

    zThe co-founder of the Canadian cartooning award explains why honoring local artists is important.


  • Your Not-Comics Link of the Day:

    Photographs from this year’s Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.


  • Your Scans_Daily Link of the Day:

    See, she’s part Inuit, so she has simple passions and no speak so good. Sequence from “The Wrong Road to Love” in Untamed Love #1 (creator[s] unknown); ©1950 Quality Comics.


    When romance comics were a little racist.


Events Calendar




  • February 18-21 (Brighton, England): The Brighton Zine Fest celebrates comics, zine and DIY culture at various locations throughout the city. Details here.
  • February 18 (Medellín, Colombia): Editorial cartoonist Daryl Cagle gives a free seminar on caricature at the Universidad EAFIT, beginning at 6:30PM. Details here.
  • February 18 (Newcastle, England): The Paper Jam Comics Collective is throwing a wingding at the Telegraph on Orchard Street, from 7:30-11:30PM. Details here.


This Week:


  • February 19 (Albany, NY): Join cartoonists Danielle Corsetto and Jess Fink for a book signing and chance to kick their asses in laser-tag combat at Zero Gravity Lazer Tag on Central Avenue, beginning at 7PM. Laser tag! Details here.
  • February 19 (New York City, NY): From the Ashes author Bob Fingerman makes an appearance at Brooklyn’s own Rocketship on Smith Street, beginning at 8PM. Details here.
  • February 20 (New York City, NY): A one-day exhibit entitled “The Sacred Comic Book” will mark the closing of Brooklyn art gallery Jack the Pelican on Driggs Avenue, from 7-9PM. Details here.
  • February 20 (Los Angeles, CA): The Long Beach Comic Expo takes place at the Long Beach Convention Center on Linden Avenue, from 10AM-7PM. Details here.
  • February 21 (Chapel Hill, NC): Ben Towle signs his new book Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean at Chapel Hill Comics on Franklin Street, from 2-4PM. Details here.


Want to see your comics-related event listed here? Email a link to and let me know. Please include an online link to which I can send people for more information. No sales-only events, please — it’s nice that you’ve marked things down at your store or website, but I won’t be listing it here.


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