Journalista for Jan. 8, 2010: Puny Reed Exhibitions! Doom will break you!

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“Am I the only one who thinks Gareb Shamus/Wizard/whomever should drop $100K or so Marvel’s Disney’s way so they can use Doctor Doom as the spokesman for their faux ‘Comic Cons’?”


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Above the Fold


Life in interesting times

  • Dan Nadel busts on New York City’s Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, where a gallery exhibit on Archie Comics apparently continues that company’s shameful tradition of ignoring artist credits and — incredibly — passes on the complete and utter lie that publisher John Goldwater created Archie. If this is an accurate description of the exhibit, then one must note that such inexcusable behavior calls MoCCA’s very legitimacy into question. Why go to a museum if you can’t believe a goddamned thing they tell you about the art on their walls? Actual Archie creator Bob Montana must be spinning in his grave right now.

    (Above: Betty speaks Archie Comics heresy in this panel from an unidentified issue of Betty & Veronica, which has since been tossed down the Memory Hole; ©1987 Archie Comics.)


  • In Minnesota, “county attorneys in Benton and Stearns counties won’t file criminal charges against a man who posted anti-Muslim cartoons in front of a mosque, a Somali-owned store and other spots,” according to Erin Jameson.

  • An Indian editorial cartoon comparing Australian police to the Ku Klux Klan has led to the usual brouhaha.

  • “Sales for Barnes & Noble’s stores fell 5% over the nine-week holiday period ended January 2,” reports to Jim Milliot

  • The legendary Famous Artists correspondence course will be relaunched online. I had no idea that these guys were still around.

  • Microsoft unveils its entry in the Great Tablet PC Demolition Derby, while Gizmodo looks at the Skiff e-reader, which is being produced by a consortium of newspaper and magazine publishers. Finally, Chris Ariens demos the Plastic Logic Que.

    (Second link via Simon Jones.)


  • Rich Johnston profiles Docomics, another digital-comics competitor in India.

  • Michael Totten discusses the Killer Danish Muhammed Cartoons with writer and critic Christopher Hitchens.

  • Politico cartoonist Matt Wuerker defends himself against charges of ideological deviation.

  • Heidi MacDonald’s annual survey of industry professionals continues.



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  • John Hogan on Ted Rall

    An interview with the editorial cartoonist and graphic novelist.


  • Seth Kushner on Dan Goldman

    The author of Red Light Properties discusses his latest work.

    (Above: sequence from Red Light Properties, ©2010 Dan Goldman.)







  • Dan Nadel and Tom Spurgeon on Boys

    The two critics discuss Joan Reidy and Ron Regé’s collection of anecdotes from the War Between the Sexes.

    (Above: panel from the book, ©2000 Joan Reidy and Ron Regé Jr.)


  • Noah Berlatsky on Dokebi Bride vol. 1-6

    “The whole is one of the most distinctive manga-influenced comics styles I’ve seen, with clean, expressive layouts that juxtapose the lovely and the disgusting, the realistic and the fanciful.”


  • Erin Jameson on Nemi Vol. 3

    “Nemi Montoya is the girl I think I might be if I were a little less blonde, a little thinner and maybe spent a little more time at the bar. She’s outrageously cynical and completely honest, doesn’t want to vacuum in case the dust bunnies have a civilization forming, won’t watch the news, lives off of chocolate and red wine, and will imagine her entire lifetime with someone in the fifteen seconds before she turns down their offer to dance. Nemi is a little bit manipulative, broke and weird but in a likeable way. I’m fairly sure that, if we all look around, we can find a little bit of Nemi in our lives. Some of us will have to look a little less far but what’s life without a few freaks? “







  • Esther Keller: Are all comics for kids?

    Hold on, it’s not what you’re thinking — Keller leads a roundtable discussion on the public’s perception of the medium.





Comics and Art


  • Leif Peng (one, two, three, four, five and counting): Al Dorne

    A long look at the life and art of another classic 20th-century commercial artist, plus a reprinting of his 1950 article about working with clients, “The Satisfaction of Compromise.”

    (Above: Dorne’s cover to the February 1947 issue of True, as nicked from Peng’s Al Dorne Flickr page.)








  • Comics-related podcasts

    • Murray Edwards College presents a series of talks recorded during last year’s Women in Comics Conference (multiple files of various sizes).
    • Recently on Inkstuds: conversations with Mr. X creator Dean Motter (57.3MB), My Alaskan Summer author Corinne Mucha (49.9MB), and rising indy-comics star Aron Nels Steinke (44.4MB).
    • Over at Panel Borders, meanwhile, Alex Fitch spoke with Action Philosophers writer Fred Van Lente (34.5MB) and Manly co-creators Dale Lazarov and Amy Colburn (32.9MB), while Sarah Lightman visits the Eastside Educational Trust in Hackney, England, to learn more about Rakhee Jasani and Truly Johnston’s “Graphic Truths” project (26.7MB).
    • Big Illustration Party Time welcomes minicomics cartoonist Sara Turner as guest — the actual MP3 file can be found here (77MB).
    • Al Kennedy and Paul O’Brien talk comics and industry events in the latest episode of House to Astonish (41.1MB).
    • Speaking of criticism and commentary, let’s not forget the Fourcast (36.4MB).
    • Finally, here are the three most recent episodes of Mike Dawson and Alex Robinson’s Ink Panthers Show: one (20.4MB), two (48.5MB) and three (39.5MB).


Comics Culture



  • Your Scans_Daily Link of the Day:

    Amnesia” — because you can never read too many rare Al Columbia comics.

    (Above: panel from Zero Zero #20, ©1999 Al Columbia.)


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  • December 8-10 (Sacramento, CA): The weekend’s first big J-culture event is SacAnime, taking place at the Radisson Hotel on Leisure Lane. Details here.
  • December 8-10 (Concord, NC): The weekend’s second big J-culture event is Ichibancon, happening at the Great Wolf Lodge and Resort on Weddington Road. Details here.
  • December 8-10 (Los Angeles, CA): The weekend’s third big J-culture event is Anime Los Angeles 6, taking place at the Los Angeles Airport Mariott. Details here.


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  • December 10 (New York City, NY): A release party for the seventeenth edition of the Mome anthology takes place at Bergen Street Comics, from 5-7PM. Details here.


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