Journalista for July 1, 2010: Errorbender

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“I have to say, if The Last Airbender weren’t the modern-day equivalent of Charlie Chan, I would’ve gone to see it despite the reviews, if only in the hopes that the sequels would be greenlit. As things stand now, the only hopes I have are for its carcass to serve as a warning against racebending in future American films. After all, nothing says blockbuster like accusations of racism.”


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Robert Binks cartoon from Odgen Nash’s book The Old Dog Barks Backwards, ©1972 Little, Brown and Company, Inc.


Recently posted to our homepage:

  • Gavin Lees reviews Graham Anable’s Book of Grickle.

  • Robert Clough reviews minicomics by Aaron Cockle and J.T. Yost.

  • Tom Crippen presents a gallery of book illustrations by Robert Binks.

  • R.C. Harvey looks at some recent editorial cartoons.

  • Over at The Hooded Ultilitarian, Alex Buchet begins a three-part examination of race in Tintin, while Noah Berlatsky wraps up the Komikusu roundtable by discussing the differences between lit-comics advocacy and awesome-manga advocacy.

And in the news…


Above the Fold


Life in interesting times

  • Sravanthi Challapalli offers a look at India’s comics industry.

  • IDW Publishing editor-in-chief Chris Ryall has been named the company’s chief creative officer.

  • Susan Karlin profiles Comic-Con International president John Rogers.

    Before and after, ©2010 DC Comics.

  • Today’s bottom story: Wonder Woman’s getting a reboot and a new outfit, and everyone is freaking out. Kevin Melrose surveys the big kerfuffle.


Today’s Format WarsTM report

  • Apple continues its net-nanny policies regarding cartoon apps. The latest victim is an app by Daryl Cagle that parodies golfer Tiger Woods:

    There were some comments on the web that suggested that Apple had changed their policy regarding ‘ridiculing public figures’ in regard to editorial cartoon apps, leading us to resubmit the app. Not so.

    Sam Diaz offers commentary.


  • Is “digital second printing” the lobster-in-a-pot method by which Marvel will sneak newer comics into digital format without upsetting the Direct Market gravy train? Chris Sims investigates.

  • When you hotlink a comics image file rather than the webpage in which it sits, you’re screwing the comic’s creator, as Ruben Bolling discovered recently.

    (Link via Alan Gardner.)



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Graphic NYC




  • Tucker Stone on Cliff Chiang

    “I’ve gotten away from it a bit in the past few years, but I’m now feeling more the way I did when I started working in comics back in the mid ‘90s. When I started, I felt like everything had gotten so precious, art-wise. I wanted to make marks, these really fat brush lines.”





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Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics




  • Brian Heater on Billy Hazelnuts and the Crazy Bird

    Billy Hazelnuts and the Crazy Bird almost certainly owes more to The Gingerbread Man than any other kids tale of the era. It’s as if [Tony] Millionaire used that tale’s final, troubled lines, ‘I’m quarter gone… I’m half gone… I’m three-quarters gone… I’m all gone,’ as something of a jumping off point.”


  • Lauren Davis on The Meek

    Sequence from the comic, ©2010 D. Helmer.

    “I could recommend The Meek on art alone, but it manages to be more than just a pretty face. It isn’t a Mensa member either, but not every comic has to be. I bitch and moan about high fantasy comics, but that’s because too many writers enshrine their own ideas at the expense of storytelling and characterization. Helmer keeps his worldbuilding in the background, preferring to first flesh out his characters and their interactions.”






  • Jim McLauchlin: Tragic genius

    “To say that Wally Wood was a complicated man would be an understatement.”


  • Johanna Draper Carlson: Are comics fans more budget-conscious in a recession?

    “Retailers back in the day used to say that shoppers didn’t follow budgets, that they’d buy what they wanted. I never found that all that believable. I know that I have a lot of discretionary income, but I’ve seen too many others at the store putting back things they were interested in — usually newer titles — because they only had a certain amount of money and it was all taken up by old favorites.”


Comics and Art


  • One1more2time3: T.S. Sullivant

    A nice introduction to a classic cartoonist — oh, yeah, and another great artblog worth bookmarking.






  • YouTube: Art Spiegelman

    The Maus author discusses the state of comics in the 21st century.

    (Link via Mike Lynch.)


Comics Culture


  • Mike Lynch: Bunny Bash 2010

    Almost missed it: A report from the annual gathering at the home of Howard Hughes co-creator Bunny Hoest.


  • Your Not-Comics Link of the Day:

    Jeremiah Moss searches for the eatery depicted in Edward Hopper’s classic painting, Nighthawks.

    (Link via James Lileks.)


Events Calendar




  • July 1-4 (Los Angeles, CA): Hey, look, there is something going on this week after all! Anime Expo 2010 takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Figueroa Street. Details here.


This Week:


  • July 2 (White River Junction, VT): And this! A reception for “Caboose,” an exhibition of art about White River Junction, takes place at the Center for Cartoon Studies on Main Street, from 5-8PM. Details here.


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  1. […] Conventions | Susan Karlin briefly profiles Comic-Con President John Rogers, who oversees a $7 million budget, and a staff of 20 full-time employees and 3,000 volunteers — plus sibling events WonderCon and Alternative Press Expo. [IEEE Spectrum, via Journalista] […]

  2. Joe Willy says:

    I’d go to The Beat if I want to read more about movies with a tangential (at best) relation to comics.