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“I say all media have good aspects and bad aspects. The fact is that cartoons, manga, were regarded as something really bad for the young people in Japan. But I was raised by reading a lot of manga, and thanks to that kind of experience, I have my job, I have my career.”

– Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto
(link via Simon Jones)


“Our goal is to beat Marvel. To see if there are tools we use to make us number one.”

– DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio


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Recently posted to our homepage: the conclusion of Alex Dueben‘s interview with King author Ho Che Anderson.

And in the news…


Above the Fold


Life in interesting times

  • U.K. tabloid The Sun reports that media mogul Rupert Murdoch will move the content of his Times of London‘s website behind a subscriber firewall.

  • Malaysians demonstrate against Swedish Muhammed cartoonist Lars Vilks; world yawns.

  • Heidi MacDonald notes the return of French publisher Les Humanoïdes Associés to the U.S. comics scene, this time going it alone without an American subcontractor.

  • Rich Johnston has this week’s update on the Frank Frazetta family feud.

  • ICv2 presents an interview with Tokyopop CEO Stuart Levy and marketing director Marco Pavia: one, two and three.

  • Simon Jones and David Welsh ask, “Why should publishers pay for digital rights?”




  • Dan Copulsky on Joey Alison Sayers

    A conversation with the up-and-coming webcartoonist.




  • Sean Gaffney on Black Blizzard

    ©2010 Yoshihiro Tatsumi.


    “So I hadn’t read any Tatsumi before, but I saw this solicited, and thought ‘why not’? And it turned out to be a good investment — this is not only a nice, solid story but gives a very good look at what the manga market was like back in 1956, when it first came out.”






  • Jake Forbes: Dear manga, you are broken

    In which the longtime manga-industry veteran drops science like it was napalm.


  • Howard Tayler: Don’t ask me where I get my ideas

    “Anytime people ask me where I get my ideas (and it happens all the time) I immediately jump up on a soapbox and explain to them that they’re asking the wrong question. My ideas, your ideas, and everybody’s ideas have no intrinsic value, so it doesn’t matter where I get them. They are not currency, they cannot be bought or sold, they are, in market terms, worthless.

    “Worthless, that is, until somebody does something with them.”

    (Link via Gary Tyrrell.)


  • Lori Henderson: Geek girls represent!

    “I listen to 4 manga specific podcast, and they’re all done by men. There are two others that are both manga and anime, that do include women, but those either have updates that are few and far between, and the manga reviews on them are even fewer and farther between. It was when I was listening to one of the male-centric podcasts that I realized just HOW male-centric it was.”


Business and Craft


  • Tim Hensley: Lettering the Black Blizzard cover

    “Adrian Tomine sent me this image and asked if I could imitate the lettering. This was the original cover to Black Blizzard, but was not drawn by [Yoshihiro] Tatsumi. Adrian also said he wanted the title to resemble a pulp paperback. I was thrilled and slightly puzzled to get the assignment.”


Comics and Art


  • Leif Peng (one, two, three, four and counting): Pulp paperback covers


    All week, Peng has been walking us through an important but disreputable portion of the history of commercial art.


  • Golden Age Comic Book Stories: Dugald Stewart Walker’s Dream Boats


    Holy crap — “Mr. Door Tree” really has been on a roll this week, hasn’t he?






  • Comics-related podcasts

    • Recently on Inkstuds: conversations with Jason Shiga (35.6MB), Graham Annable (50.9MB) and Benjamin Marra (41.3MB).
    • Kurt Parsons presents an interview with CCS co-founder and Market Day author James Sturm (13MB; no permalink, currently top item in right-hand column).
    • In the latest installment of his WTF podcast, Marc Maron speaks with cartoonist Bob Fingerman (17.7MB).
    • Mysterius the Unfathomable artist Tom Fowler takes a ride on War Rocket Ajax (53.8MB).
    • Comics artist Will Sliney drops by on the Comic Cast (24.8MB).
    • Caricaturist Marlo Meekins discusses her craft in the latest installment of the AHAA Podcast (31.5MB).
    • Another week, another installment of Mike Dawson and Alex Robinson’s Ink Panthers Show (31.7MB).
    • If it’s comics commentary you want, Fourcast has what you’re looking for (18.5MB).

    All podcasts are in downloadable MP3 audiofile format.


Comics Culture


  • Christina Whiting: Jim Woodring in Alaska

    “Woodring is the artist in residence at Bunnell for the month of March, thanks to a grant from the Rasmuson Foundation.”

    (Link via Mike Baehr.)


  • Your Scans_Daily Link of the Day:

    Boobsocks! Panel from Uncanny X-Men #522, ©2010 Marvel Characters, Inc.


    Kitty Pryde returns to the X-Men, and Marvel celebrates the event with the most important gift that any modern superhero artist can give to a female character: the gift of boobsocks.

    (Note: Click here if you don’t know what “boobsocks” are.)


Events Calendar




  • March 26-27 (Gainesville, FL): The eighth annual UF Comics Conference will be held in Room 1A of Smathers (Library East) on the University of Florida campus. Details here.
  • March 26 (New York City, NY): An opening reception for a new Blab! exhibit takes place at the Society of Illustrators on 63rd Street, from 6-9PM. Details here.
  • March 26 (Montreal, Quebec): The Punchbuggy Tour, featuring Ken Dahl, Liz Baillie and M.K. Reed, stops at the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly on Bernard, beginning at 7PM. Details here.


This Weekend:


  • March 27-28 (Inverness, Scotland): Hi-Ex, the Highlands International Comic Expo, takes place at Eden Court. Details here.
  • March 27 (London, England): The UK Web & Mini Comix Thing happens in the Great Hall at Queen Mary University on Mile End Road, from 10AM-4PM. Details here.
  • March 27 (San Francisco, CA): Rick Lucey will serve as cartoonist-in-residence at the Cartoon Art Museum on Mission Street, from 1-3PM. Details here.
  • March 27 (New York City, NY): Ben Katchor and Jerry Moriarty are among the participants in a symposium entitled “The Artist as Author” in Parsons’ Wollman Hall on Twelfth Street, from 3-8:30PM. The event is free and open to the public. Details here.
  • March 27 (London, England): Schmurgencon 4 inexplicably takes place at the New Globe Pub on Mile End Road, beginning at 4PM. Details here.


Want to see your comics-related event listed here? Email a link to and let me know. Please include an online link to which I can send people for more information. No sales-only events, please — it’s nice that you’ve marked things down at your store or website, but I won’t be listing it here.


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