Journalista for Nov. 12, 2010: More critics needed

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“I think reviewers are offering advice to consumers, while critics are engaging in a more canonical discussion.”


“The ‘manga trend’ may be on the decline, but manga’s place in mainstream popular culture is firm now.”

Shonen Jump senior editor Joel Enos


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Recently posted to our homepage:

  • Tom Crippen presents another sampling of Golden Age comic-book covers. Men in peril!
  • Over at The Hooded Utilitarian, the roundtable discussion of Charles Hatfield’s academic treatise Alternative Comics: An Emerging Literature concludes with a response from Mr. Hatfield.

And in the news…


Above the Fold


Today’s Format WarsTM report

  • Shueisha managing director Kazuhiko Torishima outlined plans for 37 Japanese publishers to collaborate on a manga/anime online portal, during a talk at the Denshi Shoseki Comic Summit. Japan’s three largest manga publishers, Kodansha, Shogakukan and Shueisha, have been named as participants in the plan.

  • A recent survey from Goo Research found that just over half of Japanese e-book readers had used an electronic device to read manga.

  • Korea’s Chosun Ilbo hypes Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone as being popular in Japan due to its ability to display manga and anime, in a piece so kiss-ass that you’d almost suspect it of being a press release. I mean, it could be true, for all I know, but the hosannas are loud enough that I pretty much have to single them out…

    A translated panel from the first chapter as seen in the player software, ©2010 Shuho Sato.

  • The fan-driven, collaborative English-language translation of Shuho Sato’s medical drama Say Hello to Black Jack has begun posting chapters, after being adopted by an online slide-show presenting system run by Niwango Inc. Anime News Network has the back story. Hint: If you want to read Sato’s comics, your best bet is to immediately hit the “pause” button on the annoying player-software display, and advance through the panels manually by hitting the forward button.

  • Matt Blind contemplates the new Barnes & Noble Nook Color.

  • Brigid Alverson takes her new iPad for a spin.


Life in interesting times

  • “Lori Benton, whose career in children’s publishing includes a long run at Harcourt’s children’s division where she rose to v-p and publisher, has been named v-p and publisher for the Scholastic Trade Publishing division,” reports Publishers Weekly.

  • Max Mitchell pays a visit to New York City’s Cosmo’s Cards & Collectables — “one of the few remaining comic book stores in the Bronx” — where owner Cosmo Cassetta is thinking about retirement.

  • In Alberta, meanwhile, the comic book store Words and Pictures is closing up one of its two shops after after over 20 years in the University of Calgary’s MacEwan Student Centre:

    “People don’t just seem to have the spare cash to put on comic books right now,” said [store owner Rob] Clark. “There seems to be more online stuff too. The age group is more online than paper, that is affecting us also.”


    ©2010 PAWS, Inc.

  • The comic strip Garfield gets an unfortunate dose of bad timing for Veterans Day.

  • You know what we need? More cartoonists who act like bad-boy musicians.

    (Link via Hi_Fructose Magazine.)



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Graphic NYC




  • Bob Marshall on Emily Flake

    “[Shary Flenniken] seeped so deep into my brain so early that I didn’t even realize ’til much later that I’ve ripped her off wholesale, in some ways. She also wrote the intro to the second [Lulu Eightball] collection — that was one of the highlights of my working life thus far.”






  • Erin Jameson on The Knight Life: Chivalry Ain’t Dead

    ©2010 Keith Knight.

    “Keith Knight doesn’t give me that kind of escape hatch from the real world. He gives me racial profiling, homeless veterans and the recession. He also gives me just enough light at the end of the tunnel that I’m okay with it and it ends up being thought-provoking and not a turnoff.”






  • Douglas Wolk: Comics raw and cooked

    “One way of thinking about drawing style in comics is to reduce it to a single axis: the continuum of styles between ‘raw’ drawing and ‘cooked’ drawing. Those terms are borrowed from Robert Lowell, who, in turn, borrowed them from anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss and used them in 1960 to describe two competing schools of American poetry. In comics, it’s not a competition — art-comics are a little too collegial for that. But it’s easy to reframe Lowell’s ideas to describe what cartoonists do.”




Comics and Art


  • Flickr (main page, comics and art): Daan Botlek

    ©2010 Daan Botlek.

    Always nice to discover imaginative work by an artist whose illustrations you’d never before seen, isn’t it?

    (Link via Calista Brill.)






  • Comics-related podcasts

    • On NPR’s Talk of the Nation, Neal Conan discussed writing, drawing and creativity with one of our national treasures, Lynda Barry (13.9MB).
    • Panel Borders‘ Alex Fitch talks to artist Becky Cloonan about her work (28.6MB).
    • This week, Inkstuds welcomes Whirlwind Wonderland author Rina Ayuyang as guest (52.8MB).
    • Scott Kurtz and Co. return for an unexpected installment of Webcomics Weekly (64.8MB).
    • For your weekly dose of audio criticism and commentary, I give you Wait, What? with Jeff Lester and Graeme McMillan (80.3MB).

    All podcasts available in downloadable MP3 audiofile format.


Comics Culture


  • USO: National Cartoonists Society tour

    “So far, the group has visited more than 300 troops stationed in Germany. Among the locations visited are the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, USO Warrior Center and Ramstein Air Force Base. In celebration of Veteran’s Day, throughout the week the group will sign autographs, give hugs and spread words of encouragement to America’s troops. They will also bring laughter to soldiers, listen to war stories and relay their heartfelt thanks.”

    (Link via Mike Lynch.)




  • Your Not-Comics Link of the Day:

    I’m Here, a new short film by Spike Jonez, is available in three parts on YouTube: one, two and three.


Events Calendar




  • Nov. 12 (London, England): A launch party for the new anthology Solipsistic Pop 3 takes place at the Black Heart on Greenland Place, starting at 8PM. Details here.


This Weekend:


  • Nov. 13 (Guelph, Ontario): The Generals cartoonist Scott Chantler will sign books and host a drawing workshop for kids at the Dragon on Wyndham Street, from noon-3PM. Details here.
  • Nov. 13 (New York City, NY): Tucker Stone will speak with Kevin Huizenga at Bergen Street Comics, beginning at 8PM. Details here.
  • Nov. 14 (London, England): King author Ho Che Anderson will discuss his work at the London Print Studio on Harrow Road, from 6:30-8PM. Details here.


Want to see your comics-related event listed here? Email a link to and let me know. Please include an online link to which I can send people for more information. No sales-only events, please — it’s nice that you’ve marked things down at your store or website, but I won’t be listing it here. (Note: Under no circumstances will I link to a Facebook page. Seriously, what idiot “advertises” their event solely on a website that requires registration to see the advertisement?)


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