Journalista for Nov. 9, 2010: Perception problem

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“[…] most people, people who read other books, think most comic shops are still weird and nerdy places to be. They’re not going to read a Superman comic book in public, or really anywhere. Because they think it’s nerdy. More precisely, they think other people will think they’re nerdy.”


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Underground publisher Don Donahue; photo by Ingeborg Gerdes.


Recently posted to our homepage:

  • Patrick Rosenkranz looks back at the glory days of pioneering underground-comix publisher Don Donahue.
  • Rich Kreiner reviews three minicomics by Joe Lambert.
  • As always, R.C. Harvey covers the funny pages.

And in the news…


Above the Fold


Life in interesting times

  • George Baghdadi discusses the careful dance that Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat must perform to continue making his work available in the despotic nation. As Baghdadi notes, Ferzat’s satirical newspaper, Addomari, was shuttered by the authorities a few years back. Despite such setbacks, however, he’s just opened a new gallery in Damascus, where works like this are displayed:

    (Link via Mike Lynch.)


  • Deb Aoki speaks with Digital Manga Productions president Hikaru Sasahara, whose new “Digital Manga Guild” initiative will attempt to beef up online-manga sales essentially by co-opting scanlators.

  • How Derf got out of jury duty by mentioning his boyhood friend, Jeffrey Dahmer.



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Graphic NYC




  • Whitney Matheson on Renée French

    “I’ve had time to develop a ritual — in the last maybe six or seven years I’ve started to develop this thing that I do when I’m starting to get a headache in lying down with a cloth on my head and thinking about this place where I’m walking around. There are these big buildings… So that’s what I was trying to draw, this kind of place I visualize when I have a headache.”






  • Gary Wills on 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective

    ©2010 G.B. Trudeau.

    “There have been other comic strips that dealt with politics, but they did so sporadically, and as one-trick diversions — Al Capp satirizing the welfare state with his schmoos, Walt Kelly turning Senator Joseph McCarthy into Simple J. Malarkey — but [Garry] Trudeau has reflected on politics at a depth and with a breadth no one else has achieved.”






  • Nicole Rudick: Dexterous platitudes

    “I’ve been doing research recently on Lynd Ward (whose wordless woodcut novels were just published by the Library of America). I found a trove of New York Times reviews of these early books — they all appeared between 1929 and 1937 — and in each, the reviewer has a hard time taking the material seriously.”


Comics and Art


  • Stephen Collins: In Room 208

    ©2010 Stephen Collins.

    Read the winning entry in this year’s Jonathan Cape/Observer/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize competition.

    (Link via Richard Bruton.)




Comics Culture


  • Gary Tyrrell: New England Webcomics Weekend

    “One of the things about NEWW that stuck with me was an offhand comment (and I’m sorry, I didn’t note who observed this bit of truth) that this wasn’t the show where you’d see a lot of big announcements. I think that’s partly because it’s at the very end of the con season, partly because any such announcements will be possibly more effective next week as the end-of-year merch sales pick up, and partly because it’s not a commerce-centric show.”





Events Calendar


This Week:


  • Nov. 10 (Dallas, TX): Greg Rucka will be signing books and meeting readers at Zeus Comics on Lemmon Avenue, from 11AM-3PM. Details here.
  • Nov. 10 (New York City, NY): Jules Fieffer discusses his work at the Society of Illustrators on 63rd Street, from 6:30-8:30PM. Details here.
  • Nov. 11 (New York City, NY): Liza Donnelly talks to Bob Mankoff onstage at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon art on Broadway, beginning at 7PM. Details here.
  • Nov. 11 (Los Angeles, CA): Michael Gondry will be signing copies of his new multimedia collaboration with Julie Doucet, My New New York Diary, at Family on Fairfax Avenue, beginning at 7PM. Details here.
  • Nov. 11 (New York City, NY): Cartoonist Arnold Roth will be among those paying tribute to the National Lampoon, in a panel discussion at the 92nd Street Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association, beginning at 8:15PM. Details here.
  • Nov. 13 (New York City, NY): Tucker Stone will speak with Kevin Huizenga at Bergen Street Comics, beginning at 8PM. Details here.


Want to see your comics-related event listed here? Email a link to and let me know. Please include an online link to which I can send people for more information. No sales-only events, please — it’s nice that you’ve marked things down at your store or website, but I won’t be listing it here. (Note: Under no circumstances will I link to a Facebook page. Seriously, what idiot “advertises” their event solely on a website that requires registration to see the advertisement?)


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