Journalista for Oct. 21, 2010: Getting over yourself

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“As somebody who literally learned to read by studying Unknown Soldier comics when I was three years old and has never stopped loving the medium, it took me a long time to realize that a lot of people just don’t care about comics. It took me even longer to realize that there was nothing wrong with this — that people didn’t have to like the same things I did, even if those things were obviously business.”


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From Paul Pope’s Wednesday Comics contribution, “Strange Adventures,” ©2010 DC Comics.


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  • Bizarro Rich Kreiner reviews Wednesday Comics.
  • Tom Crippen presents the conclusion of his three-part Mort Weisinger resource list.
  • As always, R.C. Harvey covers the funny pages.
  • Over at The Hooded Utilitarian, Noah Berlatsky reviews the Moto Hagio short story “Angel Mimic.”

A correction: I totally managed to miss the point of this story yesterday, in which an Ohio Coroner pronounced that American Splendor creator Harvey Pekar had died of an accidental overdose. Rushed for time, I followed the lead of the story’s headline and merely stated that Pekar had died of “natural causes,” which was the coroner’s end ruling, but wasn’t exactly an accurate description of the circumstances. I regret the error.

And assuming I can get it right today, here’s the news…


Above the Fold


Life in interesting times

  • Japanese publisher Enterbrain has withdrawn both volumes of Kazuaki’s Kai Yorihito Kaiyori Shiki over the unauthorized use of photographs.

    Ron Embleton’s strip was a fixture in Guccione’s magazine.

  • Did you know that Penthouse Magazine founder Bob Guccione was working as a cartoonist when he created said porno mag? I didn’t know that until learning this morning that he just died at the age of 79.

  • Illinois retailer Glen Soustek:

    I have to wonder how much of the downward trend in comic “sales” is simply comic dealers abandoning the failed concept of ordering 100 of a book in order to get a variant they can dump on eBay for $10 and then selling 10 of the original 100 they ordered and tossing the other 90 in a quarter bin just days after arrival. We see this sort of thing in the Chicagoland area all the time — west-suburban landfills are glutted with this stuff.



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Graphic NYC









  • Paul Di Filippo on X’ed Out

    ©2010 Charles Burns.

    “When discussing the eerie, enigmatic, and creepy work of master cartoonist Charles Burns, the obvious comparison is to the cinema of David Lynch. In fact, if you Google the names of the two creators together, you’ll get nearly ten thousand shared hits. And it’s true that both artists employ transgressive characters and events, odd juxtapositions, surreal segues, meticulous contemporary naturalism, arcane symbolisms, dream logic, and primal tropes of violence and sex. But in Burns’s newest, X’ed Out — which is the first 56-page installment in a longer tale of indeterminate length — I found myself thinking of earlier models for the type of story Burns seems bent on telling. Namely, two great fantasists at either end of the Victorian period: George MacDonald and David Lindsay.”






  • Deb Aoki: Yaoi and yuri manga at NYAF 2010

    Transcription of a panel in which the participants discussed the gay-and-lesbian perspective on same-sex romance genres created (mostly) by and for straight women.



  • Joe Queenan: Why I love Peanuts
       (Thanks to Alan Fiore for e-mailing me the link.)
  • Matt Seneca: on Vaughn Bodé


Comics and Art







  • YouTube: Julien “Jul” Berjeaut

    Daryl Cagle speaks with the French political cartoonist and graphic novelist


Comics Culture


  • Prism Comics: 2010 Queer Press Grant recipients announced

    Congratulations to J.T. Ford and Jon Macy — details at the link.



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  • Oct. 21 (New York City, NY): Denis Kitchen gives an artist’s talk at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art on Broadway, beginning at 7PM. Details here.


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  • Oct. 23 (Los Angeles, CA): Fogtown artist Brad Rader will be signing books and meeting readers at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Boulevard, from noon-2PM. Details here.
  • Oct. 23 (McMurray, PA): Meet Scary Godmother creator Jill Thompson at Pittsburgh Comics on McMurray Road, from 2-5PM. Details here.
  • Oct. 23 (Portland, OR): Vanessa Davis and Julia Wertz will appear for a slideshow presentation, Q&A and signing at Reading Frenzy on Oak Street, beginning at 7PM. Details here.


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