Journalista for Oct. 25, 2010: Raise an eyebrow

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“I don’t expect journalism organizations to share my priorities. But I do expect them to do more than raise an eyebrow when a cartoonist goes into hiding after being threatened with death, then act all bitchy when someone calls them out on it.”


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From X’ed Out Vol. 1, ©2010 Charles Burns.


Recently posted to our homepage:

  • Ken Parille reviews the first volume of Charles Burns’ X’ed Out. You can also read additional notes for Parille’s review.
  • Rob Clough reviews minicomics by Katherine Roy and Ross Wood Studlar.
  • Shaenon Garrity looks back at Michael O’Donoghue and Frank Springer’s Phoebe Zeit-Geist.
  • More Golden Age comic-book cover goodness from Tom Crippen: one, two.
  • As always, R.C. Harvey covers the funny pages.
  • GutterGeek‘s Jared Gardner reviews new comics by Charles Burns and Seth.
  • Over at The Hooded Utilitarian, Caroline Small reviews Alexis Frederick-Frost’s Voyage and thinks about whether comics can create narratives that escape language, while Domingos Isabelinho looks at Otto Dix’s 1924 book Der Krieg in the context of both comics and German Expressionism.

And in the news…


Above the Fold


Life in interesting times

  • Mike Esposito, a prolific comic-book inker whose career spanned five decades, has died at the age of 82. Mark Evanier has an obituary.

  • “The former El Nuevo Herald cartoonist who was arrested after an infamous toy gun standoff with police inside the Herald offices in 2006 was busted once again Thursday for battery and resisting arrest.”

    God bless Superworld Comics.

  • Every time you destroy a comic book, you make a fanboy cry.


Today’s Format WarsTM report

  • Just months after promising to go legit, bootleg scanlations site MangaFox is once again posting unauthorized translations of the latest chapters of popular manga series online, reports Brigid Alverson.

  • “Seattle-based saw its sales reporting superior growth in the third quarter this year. However, Amazon’s operating expenses have increased, impacting the net income, which was just 16% up compared to the last year.”

  • Devin Coldewey reports on rumors that Barnes & Noble will demonstrate a color e-reader device next week — which, if the technology takes hold, could be a huge boost for digital comics.

  • Steve Leiber‘s co-operation with a 4Chan bootlegging of his and Jeff Parker’s thriller Underground has led to an impressive spike in sales of the book, and he’s got charts to prove it.



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Graphic NYC




  • John Hogan on Alex Robinson

    “I realize I have a process I always go through when starting a new book. At first I’m very self-conscious—will this new book sell as well as the last one? Will it get nominated for any awards? What if I hand it in to Top Shelf and they hate it? But then I get myself to the comforting place of thinking the book will fail. ‘Okay, you’ve had three books come out and do very well, you’re due for a flop. No one except Pixar hits a homerun every time, so you might as well have fun and do what you like. The good news is that it will lower the bar for your next book.’ Once I take the pressure of having to come up with a popular book off my head and just focus on doing the kind of comic I’d like to read I generally do okay.”




  • Lauren Davis on Skin Horse

    ©2010 Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Channing Wells.

    “Garrity and Wells have a knack for playing with monster and mad science tropes, and piling absurdities onto absurdities without overcrowding their stories.”






  • Chris Mautner on Kevin Huizenga

    “Even amidst a generation of cartoonists that includes such stellar folk as Anders Nilsen, Dash Shaw, Dan Zettwoch and Eleanor Davis, Huizenga stands apart for his artistry and ingenious, inventive use of the medium. In many ways he also embodies many of the characteristics of his contemporaries..”




Comics and Art


  • Josh Simmons: “In a Land of Magic”

    ©2010 Josh Simmons.

    An unrelated search brought me to this hilarious/cringe-inducing/utterly filthy comic from the same artist who gave us “Cockbone.” It’s been online awhile, but it’s new to me.






  • Streaming video: Jaime Hernandez

    Gary Groth spoke with the Love and Rockets co-creator onstage at Small Press Expo 2010.




Events Calendar




  • Oct. 25 (Savannah, GA): Sheldon creator Dave Kellett will give a talk on comics and webcomics at the Pirates House on Broad Street, beginning at 6PM. Details here.


This Week:


  • Oct. 26 (Mountain View, CA): Charles Burns will be signing books and meeting readers ay Lee’s Comics on Rengstorff Avenue, from noon-2PM. Details here.
  • Oct. 26 (Santa Cruz, CA): The aforementioned Mr. Burns then makes an appearance at the Bookshop Santa Cruz on Pacific Avenue, from 7:30-9PM. Details here.
  • Oct. 28 (North Adams, MA): A new exhibition on underground comix will kick off with a panel discussion featuring Howard Cruse, Gary Hallgren and Denis Kitchen (as well as an opening reception afterward) at the MCLA Gallery 51 on Main Street, from 5-8PM. Details here.
  • Oct. 28 (Washington DC): The 23rd Cartoons and Cocktails charity auction will be held at the National Press Club on 14th Street, beginning at 6PM. Details here.
  • Oct. 29-31 (London, England): The London MCM Expo takes place at Excel London. Details here.
  • Oct. 29-31 (Long Beach, CA): The Long Beach Comic Con takes place at the Long Beach Convention Center. In Long Beach. I said that, right? Details here.
  • Oct. 30 (Seattle, WA): Charles Burns will participate in a slideshow presentation and signing at the Fantagraphics Bookstore on Vale Street, from 6-9PM. Details here.


Want to see your comics-related event listed here? Email a link to and let me know. Please include an online link to which I can send people for more information. No sales-only events, please — it’s nice that you’ve marked things down at your store or website, but I won’t be listing it here. (Note: Under no circumstances will I link to a Facebook page. Seriously, what idiot “advertises” their event solely on a website that requires registration to see the advertisement?)


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