Journalista for Sept. 14, 2010: Creepy Doomsday Guy redeemed

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“The truth of it is — SPX — and every con I’ve ever done(solo) for that matter, has never made any economic sense. At the best of times, I’ve (just) covered my (1/2) table fee — but I’ve never made enough to cover hotel expenses, plus meals, plus display costs, plus, etc. Never even come close. Never.


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Panel from Pat Barrett’s “Let the Genital Mingling Commence,” a story in the small-press anthology Nymphonomena, ©2010 Pat Barrett.


Recently posted to our homepage:

  • Rob Clough reviews the the small-press anthology Nymphonomena.

  • Rich Kreiner reviews another erotically charged small-press anthology, Big Sexy. Coincidence, I assure you.

  • R.C. Harvey examines some recent editorial cartoons.

  • Not comics: Kenneth Smith expresses his love for modern society. Hahaha! Just kidding! He really hates it.

  • Over at The Hooded Utilitarian, Ng Suat Tong takes an in-depth look at avant-garde manga author Yoshiharu Tsuge’s short story, “Red Flowers.”

And in the news…


Above the Fold


Life in interesting times

  • Mark Evanier is reporting that cartoonist and longtime Will Eisner associate Jerry Grandenetti died last February 19.

  • “Security authorities transferred journalist Abdul-Elah Haidar Shaye, and cartoonist Kamal Sharaf from the prison of the National Security Bureau to the prison of the Political Security Organization in the capital Sana’a,” according to a report in News Yemen.

  • ICv2 have released their Direct Market sales estimates for August, and as the market analysis notes, the news is grim: “Sales of comics and graphic novels through Diamond Comic Distributors dropped substantially in August with periodical comics falling 17% and graphic novels down 21%.” No title broke 100,000 copies sold. Here are the top-300 charts for comic books and graphic novels — read ’em and weep.

    (Right: cover to Brightest Day #7, the top-selling comic book for the month of August.)


  • Matthew Murray presents his month-to-month sales estimates for select genre-oriented indy comics sales to Direct Market retailers, now updated for July.

  • Wendy Werris describes how the manga revolution has shaped the Kinokuniya japanese-language bookstore chain in the United States.

  • Rich Johnston digs back into Comics Journal history to explain why Alan Moore has vowed to never again work with DC Comics.

  • So: Should I wait until the market actually collapses and I’ve lost my job before I write my “I told you so” essay, or should I do it now?

  • And now, courtesy of the 4Chan pranksters and the San Luis Obispo Police Department, today’s what-the-fuck cartoon moment. The full SLOPD document can be found here.


Today’s Format WarsTM report

  • I have no idea if this is actually signficant or not, but Rich Johnston is stating that “later today, and Marvel Entertainment will be joint announcing that will be the first desktop and Web application to offer the full Marvel comics library to its users.” Note that these are downloadable, which means that you actually get to keep the files. Like I said, I have no idea how significant this is, but it sounds like it could be, doesn’t it?

  • Nate Anderson examines the success enjoyed by xkcd creator Randall Munroe, despite giving his work away freely online.

    (Link via Mike Lynch.)


    Image via Wikipedia.

  • ICv2 presents yet another argument that the growth of digital comics will result in a windfall for Direct Market retailers.



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Graphic NYC




  • Michael Cavna on Ted Rall

    The editorial cartoonist, just back from a tour of Afghanistan, discusses his experiences.






  • Craig Fischer on Underground

    ©2010 Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber.

    “There’s a lot in Underground, much of it entertaining, but the book isn’t perfect. In fact, its pluses and minuses break down in an amazingly schematic way for me, with a bad beginning and ending sandwiching some the best work I’ve seen from Parker and Lieber.”




Comics and Art


  • Ron Regé Jr.: Yeast Hoist #3

    ©1996 Ron Regé Jr..

    The cartoonist’s long out-of-print minicomic, now archived online.




Comics Culture


  • Alan Gardner: Clay Bennett wins Green Eyeshade Awards

    The Chattanooga Times Free Press editorial cartoonist was presented the award by the Society of Professional Journalists.


  • Valerie D’Orazio: Lulu Awards voting now open

    The awards, sponsored by the Friends of Lulu, will be handed out on October 29th at the Long Beach Comic Con.


  • Brian Heater: Small Press Expo 2010

    A report from last weekend’s big show in Maryland.


  • Your Not-Comics Link of the Day:

    Meet Joumana Haddad, one of the bravest women in Lebanon:

    The Lebanese writer and poet publishes Jasad — Arabic for body — a glossy quarterly that deals with eroticism and body-culture.

    Published since December 2008, Jasad‘s articles range from violence in relationships to voyeurism and masturbation.

    Her works have been opposed by Muslims and Christian groups alike, but Ms Haddad says she will not be silenced.


Events Calendar


This Week:


  • Sept. 15 (Dearborn, MI): Rob Worley will be signing copies of the new comic book at Green Brain Comics on Michigan Avenue, from 4-7PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 15 (New York City, NY): Cuba: My Revolution artist Dean Haspiel will be signing at Midtown Comics on Lexington Avenue, from 6:30-7:30PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 16 (Los Angeles, CA): Tony Millionaire and Johnny Ryan participate in a double-launch party at Family on Fairfax Avenue, beginning at 7PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 16 (New York City, NY): Join Stephen DeStefano for an exhibit and signing honoring his new book, Lucky in Love, at the MDH Gallery on Nineteenth Street, beginning at 7PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 17-19 (Atlanta, GA): Anime Weekend Atlanta takes place at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel and Cobb Galleria Centre on Galleria Parkway. Details here.
  • Sept. 18 (Cincinnati, OH): The Cincinnati Comics Expo will be held at the Cintas Center on Herald Avenue, from 10AM-5PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 18 (Houston, TX): It’s Graphic Novel Day at the Houston Public Library on McKinney, with a bunch of events including guests Terry Moore, Barbara Slate, Esther Pearl Watson and Gene Luen Yang, taking place from 11AM-5PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 18 (Leeds, England): The Leeds Alternative Comics Fair will be held at A Nation of Shopkeepers on Cookridge Street, from noon-6PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 18 (San Francisco, CA): Cult-favorite manga author Junko Mizuno will be signing books and meeting readers at Giant Robot on Shrader Street, from 5-7PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 18 (Denver, CO): John Porcellino celebrates the release of King-Cat Comics and Stories #71 at Kilgore Books and Comics on Thirteenth Avenue, beginning at 6PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 18 (Seattle, WA): A book release party for Jon Macy’s graphic novel, Teleny and Camille, will be held at the Bottleneck Lounge on Madison Street, beginning at 7PM. Details here.


Want to see your comics-related event listed here? Email a link to and let me know. Please include an online link to which I can send people for more information. No sales-only events, please — it’s nice that you’ve marked things down at your store or website, but I won’t be listing it here. (Note: Under no circumstances will I link to a Facebook page. Seriously, what idiot “advertises” their event solely on a website that requires registration to see the advertisement?)


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