Journalista for Sept. 17, 2010: Reading beside the lines

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“unbelievable. Stunt was inspired by wealthy South Park creators’ self-aggrandizement; they should pay her expenses.”


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From Simon Spruyt’s A Bed of Roses.


Recently posted to our homepage:

  • Rob Clough reviews the fourth volume in Drawn & Quarterly’s Gasoline Alley collection, Walt and Skeezix.

  • International comics: Bart Croonenborghs reviews Belgian cartoonist Simon Spruyt’s A Bed of Roses.

  • Over at The Hooded Utilitarian, Vom Marlowe reviews an artist’s anatomy guide.

And in the news…


Above the Fold


Life in interesting times

  • Warner Brothers dips its hand into the DC Comics cookie jar:

    There will be an organizational announcement next week, then in about a month Warner Bros. will unveil a spread sheet detailing how the various superheroes will be reintroduced to consumers, and on more than just feature film platforms.

    [Company CEO Barry] Meyer said Warner Bros. has been looking after DC in a “custodial way,” but it’s now time to get “much more entrepreneurial.”


  • In China, Southern Metropolis Daily cartoonist Kuang Biao has been reprimanded for an editorial drawing (above) about journalist Chang Ping, whose work has been banned over his coverage of Tibet.

    Garzía pokes fun at Rendón’s attempts to silence him; translation at link.

  • In Columbia, political strategist J.J. Rendón has threatened to sue cartoonist Tomáz Garzía over drawings lampooning the strategist, on the grounds that Rendón’s name is copyrighted.

  • Marc-Oliver Frisch offers his month-to-month estimates for DC Comics sales to Direct Market retailers, now updated for July.

  • Laura Hudson speaks with retailers about tough econimic times and the rising price of comic books.

  • Johanna Draper Carlson offers six tips for aspiring comics retailers.

  • Hey, Friends of Lulu haters: Valerie D’Orazio is not going to be your punching bag anymore.


Today’s Format WarsTM report

  • Japanese pop-culture company Square Enix has announced plans to begin selling digital manga in North America and France.

  • Step into my parlor…

    I understand that Marvel is offering certain comic stores the opportunity to promote its Digital Comics Unlimited service, which allows readers to pay a subscription for access to a library of Marvel comics, past and six-months-before-the-present-(mostly).



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Graphic NYC




  • Marta Aldrich on Brad Anderson

    A visit with the creator of the newspaper panel Marmaduke.






  • Jason Thompson on The Drifting Classroom

    Elementary schoolgirls try desperately to hold back a raging flood that threatens to engulf their school, but the flood wins. Sequence from The Drifting Classroom Vol. 6; ©1976 Kazuo Umezu/Shogakukan Inc., English translation ©2007 Viz Media, LLC.

    The Drifting Classroom is both a horror story and a survival story, like Lord of the Flies to the 100th degree. In poorly-written horror stories, the characters have to behave like idiots to fall into the traps/monsters/deaths that await them. But in The Drifting Classroom, the heroes try their hardest and act their smartest and die anyway.”




Comics and Art


  • Shane Glines: Owen Fitzgerald’s “Liz”

    A six-page strip containing some of the best cartooning you’ll see this week.






  • Comics-related podcasts

    • Sarah Leavitt is the guest in the latest episode of Inkstuds (52.3MB).
    • Panel Borders‘ Alex Fitch concludes his conversation with creators from the Marvel U.K. publishing line (28.8MB).
    • Mike Rhode presents a recording of the “Brave New Comic Strips” panel staged at last weekend’s Small Press Expo in Maryland, featuring Marguerite Dabaie, Keith Knight and Richard Thompson (12.3MB).
    • Fanboy Radio features comics bloggers Rich Johnston and Rick Marshall as guests (13.2MB), while Anime News Network’s ANNcast welcomes manga bloggers Ed Sizemore and Deb Aoki (44MB).
    • As for critique and commentary, we’ve got new installments of Fourcast (47.2MB) and Wait, What? (one [55.3MB], two [74.1MB]).

    All podcasts are in downloadable MP3 audiofile format.


Events Calendar




  • Sept. 17-19 (Atlanta, GA): Anime Weekend Atlanta takes place at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel and Cobb Galleria Centre on Galleria Parkway. Details here.


This Week:


  • Sept. 18 (Cincinnati, OH): The Cincinnati Comics Expo will be held at the Cintas Center on Herald Avenue, from 10AM-5PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 18 (Houston, TX): It’s Graphic Novel Day at the Houston Public Library on McKinney, with a bunch of events including guests Terry Moore, Barbara Slate, Esther Pearl Watson and Gene Luen Yang, taking place from 11AM-5PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 18 (Leeds, England): The Leeds Alternative Comics Fair will be held at A Nation of Shopkeepers on Cookridge Street, from noon-6PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 18 (San Francisco, CA): Cult-favorite manga author Junko Mizuno will be signing books and meeting readers at Giant Robot on Shrader Street, from 5-7PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 18 (New York City, NY): An opening reception for a new art show by Mat Brinkman takes place at The Hole on Greene Street, from 6-9PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 18 (Denver, CO): John Porcellino celebrates the release of King-Cat Comics and Stories #71 at Kilgore Books and Comics on Thirteenth Avenue, beginning at 6PM. Details here.
  • Sept. 18 (Seattle, WA): A book release party for Jon Macy’s graphic novel, Teleny and Camille, will be held at the Bottleneck Lounge on Madison Street, beginning at 7PM. Details here.


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