Angouleme Commences

Posted by on January 27th, 2011 at 9:26 AM

Today saw the start of the major European comics festival in Angoulême, France. For me, the start meant taking part in an international meeting among the organizers of comics festivals all over Europe. We were all seated around a big table in a beautiful room, with microphones to talk into, official-looking stands with our names and respective countries marked and so on, making it all feel very official and not a little like the EU. Adding to this feeling was the fact that, beside the president of the festival, the meeting was headed by a French member of the European Parliament, who turned out to be very knowlegable about comics. Only in France…

Anyway, the talk was interesting, all participants relating their own experiences in dealing with the government in their countries, with grants etc. The result of the meeting was among other things to try to establish a European day of comics, to be promoted in all countries in the EU. A great idea, which we will see if it is possible to get started.

Oh, and sorry about playing with a camera app in my iPhone. I’ve published so many photos that I felt I ought to do something different…

Location: Boulevard du Docteur Emile Roux, Angoulême, France

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