Drabbling in Politics

Posted by on December 21st, 2009 at 5:55 AM

I’ve never been much turned on by Kevin Fagan’s Drabble. Can’t warm up to the drawing, which, until the advent of Pearls before Swine and Deflocked, was the worst on the page. Since I moved to Denver two years ago, I see Drabble every day in the paper so now I’m familiar with it. But I still don’t enjoy it much. The characters are all tiresome doughy-faced look-alikes who do stupid things. Stupid look-alikes, that’s Fagan’s stock in trade. I can’t tell one character from another. And where’s Drabble in all this? Every once in a while, someone is called “Norman” or “Ralph” or “Honeybunch.” But no one is ever called “Drabble.” I’ve decided that “drabble” is no longer the name of a character. It is, instead, a kind of human incapacity, like dribble or drool. “Drabble” denominates chronic albeit willful stupidity, as in: The U.S. Senate blusters with the drabble of modern politics.

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