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Posted by on January 8th, 2010 at 9:30 AM

No one is much alarmed these days at comic strips into which seep allusions to current events, but I suppose somewhere someone is going to get all wee-weed up over today’s One Big Happy in which cartoonist Rick Detorie uses both “underpants” and “security” to achieve the joke. C’mon: the strip was drawn weeks ago—probably early December—before the Christmas Day culprit perpetrated his horror on that airplane heading into Detroit.

In La Cucaracha (The Cockroach), a strip that does for the Hispanic community what The Boondocks used to do for the African American community, Lalo Alcaraz is much more deliberate. The strip is often overtly political—attacking the bigotries of white America or, being an equal opportunity offender, the similarly misguided notions of Hispanic America—and sometimes less so, dwelling, for the moment, on the daily doings of his hapless characters, a cast headed by Cuco Rocha, a cockroach. The first week in December, Alcaraz went after Lou Dobbs, letting Cuco Rocha use his blog (Bug Blog) to help Dobbs find employment after leaving CNN. Pretty unambiguous dislike for Dobbs, who made plenty of enemies with his anti-immigrant screeds (probably the reason CNN accepted, if it didn’t force, Dobbs’ retirement), “magically pulling fake anti-immigrant facts out of his sombrero” (as Alcaraz put it at the beginning of the series).

Over at Candorville, Darrin Bell took on Fox News and Glenn Beck, who, as we see here, uses a brand of free-association to fake a reasoning process. Bell continued to lambast Beck in a subsequent strip in the series. On January 7, Susan Garcia, who works at an ad agency, listens to a recording of “the crazy guy in the alley,” who slurs his way through an alcoholic maze to explain: “Itsh very simple: gays want to fight in the army. You know who hash arms? Alligators. Alligatorsh live in Florida. Cuba is near Florida. Florida is home to Cape Kennedy! Clearly, John F. Kennedy was behind the gay conshpiracy to convert our alligators to communishm.” Susan says: “I don’t think I can sell this.” Her advisor counters: “We have to top ‘Glenn Beck’ somehow.”

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One Response to “Current Eventsh (sic)”

  1. D.D.Degg says:

    A bit off topic but…
    the current event I noticed this past week in comic strips is that all the NEA comics are now carrying UFS slugs. Looks like United Media is shutting down their NEA division. Check former NEA strips like Alley Oop, Born Loser, Arlo and Janis and the others. The last dailies carrying the ‘dist. by NEA’ line were on Saturday, January 2. It looks like the Sunday strips for January 10 will be the last to carry the NEA line.