Excremental Vision

Posted by on January 11th, 2010 at 4:10 PM

It’s no longer a debatable matter: the funnies are getting a little more daring in waging humor on an unsuspecting populace. Politics and various previously verboten social issues now seep into comic strip comedy. And as we see below, even the bathroom is no longer off-limits.

In Scott Stantis’ Prickly City, the bloated Boomer Boy eats both Winslow and Carmen, the coyote and the little girl who star in the strip. And then we get the duo commenting from Boomer’s belly on their current situation (“This stinks”) which leads, inevitably —alimentary my dear Watson—to their contemplating how they’ll “escape,” a development that leads us somewhat astray from wherever a Boomer character might otherwise have taken us in a strip that verges, usually, on the politically satirical.

We get more of the same toilet hilarity in Jeff Corriveau’s Deflocked, which is about an ego-centric sheep living on a farm with some other animals and a small boy. Here, Mamet, the sheep, is at the tail-end (so to speak) of his New Year’s resolution to forego making “disgusting noises” with his armpit. But it’s Karl who steals the show—making an armpit noise without using his armpit. So where did that noise originate, pray?

The bathroom holds sway but not because anyone is taking a bath.

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