Steven Grant reviews The Spirit – A Pop-Up Graphic Novel

Posted by on December 29th, 2009 at 10:00 AM

By Will Eisner & Bruce Foster; Insight Editions; 8 pp.; $34.95; Color; Hardcover; ISBN: 9781933784465

Did anyone really think this was a good idea?  $35 for eight pages that completely gut Eisner’s amazing storytelling with a cut-and-paste transmutation of an old Spirit strip into a series of juvenile gimmicks that decimate story flow and give nothing back but word balloons obscured by pop-up figures?  Calling it a “graphic novel” on top of everything else only demonstrates how publishers have already reduced that concept to a chic buzzword. The argument will go that it’s all meant in good fun, like most nostalgia throwbacks, but it smacks more of someone who was expecting Frank Miller’s Spirit film to generate a Pavlovian buying frenzy.  It’s nowhere near $35 worth of fun.  It’s nowhere near even a Spirit section’s worth of fun.

[©2008 Will Eisner Studios, Inc.]

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