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Garth Ennis’s Knights of the Sky, Part Three: Dan Dare: “We always fight squalid little men like you.”

Posted by on January 21st, 2011 at 12:01 AM
Given the cruel satire of The Phantom Eagle, and the sober drama of "Condors," it may be surprising to find Ennis idealizing, well, anything. But he is nevertheless willing to engage in some myth-making of his own. Dan Dare (another resuscitated old-school comics hero) practically embodies the notions of courage, decency, fairness, mercy, moral resolve, and good sense — fortuitously unified with natural leadership, personal charisma, fighting skill, and rugged good looks. Plus, he's an astronaut — and an Englishman. "He's a British hero," Ennis writes, "An English hero, by God, in a time when such characters are few and far between."