TCJ 300: A Cartoon Interview with Gary Groth

Posted by on January 1st, 2010 at 4:40 AM


Comics by Noah Van Sciver





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2 Responses to “TCJ 300: A Cartoon Interview with Gary Groth”

  1. Mike Hunter says:

    Gad, Conrad’s gotten so BIG! Why, it seems only yesterday in an R. Crumb strip he was a well-groomed moppet in shorts, uneasily receiving publishing-promo advice from the comics great.

    Noah Van Sciver’s cartoon interviews are always enjoyable; this one particularly interesting, even if the type skirted the bounds of illegibility. How’s about in the future offering links where more substantial-sized copies of the pages can be seen?

    As for Gary Groth’s statement that the “Journal” “…influences no one since no one reads print anymore,” while unfortunately its most influential years are in the past*, “The Comics Journal” has been a mightily powerful positive force amongst comics creators and aficionados, like a moon pulling the tides of earthly seas. Many top creators acknowledging in interviews how the magazine helped open their eyes, or encouraged them, to thinking of comics as a serious art form, that could do far more than merely entertain.

    * Too early yet to tell how the online version will affect folks…

  2. John Vest says:

    I’ll miss the Comics Journal in print, particularly issues like number 292 with the Deitch family interviews. That issue was almost like a Comics Journal Library Edition on the Deitches, and it’s great to have the material in a bound volume.